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"An extremely powerful tool for our everyday balance and growth and a possible landmark for many sciences"

A step by step Decoding of the Mona Lisa, with 8 unquestionable proofs, is right below and for free, as it's the beginning of the amazing journey described in the novel!

That’s why she’s called “Li-Sa”, their name’s first two letters, divided in exactly the same way as in the painting!!!

-onardo + SA-lai = LI-SA!!
Mona Lisa Code here?
To prove his point, Lionardo divided+united them twice more, on his “John the Baptist” and the “Salvator Mundi” paintings, and these are just 3 out of the 8 proofs of the Mona Lisa's Code stated here!

The Big News for our Anatomy, Biology and Psychology is that as in the Mona Li-sa, so are we divided into two matching, but different other-half faces, bodies, mind-sets and therefore two other-half Personalities to cope with!!!
[Read all about it below]
We now have to learn how to cope with our other self as soon as possible!
Mona Lisa's Code is an extremely powerful tool for our everyday balance and growth and a possible landmark for many sciences!
For example:

Psychology may now become a science, since this is the first time we learnt a Nature’s Law about our inner world.
Read more about the astounding True Decoding of the Mona Lisa which has nothing to do with the common belief of Mona Lisa being “male and female,” and what it means practically for our everyday balance and growth.

Now, we can all become Enlightened with the use of Logic!


The Mona Lisa is the best known, the most visited, the most written about, the most sung about, the most parodied work of art in the world. We even sent her to the outer space, and it’s the most valuable painting in the world, which is worth nearly $820 million. Pioneer painter, philosopher and scientist Lionardo da Vinci, painted her for 10 years, at the beginnings of the 1500’s, and scientists claim that he painted her more than 30 times, during these 10 years, and kept her close to him for the rest of his life, until he gave her away along with other paintings of his to Salai, well known model, student and Lionardo’s lover. Well known cryptographer Da Vinci raised everyone’s curiosity with the Mona Lisa, and specifically about her identity and her enigmatic smile, where you can’t tell if she’s smiling or not, resulting in many theories about her identity and her enigmatic smile.
Nowadays, historians believe that Mona Lisa is Lisa Gherardini, Giocondo’s wife, as it’s written by the most trustworthy historian and artist of the Renaissance, Giorgio Vasari. Traditionally, though, as mentioned in “The Da Vinci Code”, she symbolizes “the male and the female,” where the right half is the male and the left half is the female, but we don’t know how this “half” actually corresponds to the painting. There are also theories which claim that the Mona Lisa is Lionardo’s self-portrait and others who claim that it’s Salai’s portrait, once more. Click to watch
Concerning her enigmatic smile, “The Da Vinci Code” claims that her smile is enigmatic because it’s in the lower spatial frequencies and in 2017 scientists measured her smile, and concluded that she’s happy, “blaming” our confusion to the way our brain works, creating images by its own… In 2016 an Art Detective claimed that the Mona Lisa is the blend of Salai and Lisa Gherardini, using infrared technology… Even if the actual Mona Lisa Decoding has nothing to do with Lisa Gherardini and the “male and female,” all of the theorists had a point, and somehow, all of them are part of the actual Decoding of the Mona Lisa which follows, by the Greek writer and TV executive Filippos Marinakis M.F.A. from A.F.I., who studied 4.500 Da Vinci manuscripts and around 20 sciences in order to solve Mona Lisa’s mystery, and then comprehend the magnitude of Mona Lisa’s Code, “A landmark for many sciences and our everyday balance and growth,” as the decoder claims.

 The breakthrough moment came from an enigmatic inner voice which led the author to divide Mona Lisa’s face into half horizontally [more details in the novel]! And then, the comparison between Salai’s Monna Vanna, or the Naked Mona Lisa, and Lionardo’s Mona Lisa, because Salai was his loved one and therefore he may certainly know a lot about Lionardo’s secret.

            Besides their common stature and perspective, which clearly indicates Monna Vanna’s resemblance to the Mona Lisa, one notices the almost identical half face of Salai, compared to the left half face of Mona Lisa, as we can see in the image below. [In the novel their relationship is explained, as well as Lionardo’s teachings, and why he is called Lionardo and not Leonardo. To your left you can see Lionardo’s signature on the Vitruvian Man.]

"Mona Lisa" by Lionardo da Vinci and "Monna Vanna", or The Naked Mona Lisa- by Salai

            All the above lead to the conclusion that Mona Lisas left half is Salai! But of course! Why would Lionardo be an exception and not express his love for his muse and beloved Salai in his favorite masterpiece? Now we know why Lionardo never parted from the Mona Lisa, so as to always have his beloved one with him.  
            So we have answered one half of Mona Lisa’s identity. The one side is his favorite model and lover Salai. If one half is Salai, then who did the Maestro choose to unite with him in his favorite work?

  Because, the more you observe the two halves of the Mona Lisa, the more they differentiate from each other. They look as if they have two connecting but different personalities. Two different people. The left cheek is rounded, while the right, with the same skin, is tighter and slightly sucked in, as artists had to do during times of war. Their differences are easily seen if you cover the one half face with your hand and then the other half face, and compare them to each other.
           Everything we observe in Lionardo’s work is a result of deep contemplation, and little or nothing is coincidental.

So, the Mona Lisa is two different halves
of a face united into one!
The first key to the Mona Lisa!

The one half is Salai, the other-half can’t be anyone else but Lionardo himself!
Since it's on the verge of the impossible to unite his loved one with anyone else.

            Looking for proofs for this theory, you realize how organized and a genius Lionardo was, since in order to overcome any doubt of whether they are the Mona Lisa, he named her “Lisa.” And if we follow the decoding’s logic and divide her name in half horizontally, we clearly find our proof! Li-Sa is an anagram of their names first two letters!! LI-SA= LIonardo + SAlai!

            Lionardo and Salai in love are the enigmatic and in love Mona Lisa! One half found the other and united to create the masterpiece of the Mona LiSa, connecting their names and their faces! The glorification of the true love between Lionardo and Salai! An uplifting eros which, thanks to the appreciation of the Mona Lisa, has remained alive since the 16th century. Lionardo being the right side also explains why he hid his extremely beautiful face, especially in times where they glorified beauty, and why he confused us with his name, being Lionardo and not Leonardo. To be able, at least through his art, to experience his love freely and, why not, forever!

As Lionardo da Vinci writes, and circles: [1]

           Lionardo also wrote this! It’s incredible! His face is the Prison of Love between him and Salai! He wrote his code down! It’s unbelievable... Don’t reveal it, because their freedom is at stake in the times of the Holy Inquisition and outlawed erotic relationships between two males. How poetic are Lionardo’s thoughts…! Together forever, even at the cost of their own freedom! Therefore, Lionardo found also a way to glorify his forbidden love and in front of everyones eyes! A True Genious!

            Therefore, Mona Lisa’s identity has also little to do with “half male, half female,” since as we can see with our own eyes; both of her halves are males: Lionardo and Salai. Also, we now understand that the “half” is very literal, as in order to Decode the Mona Lisa we have to divide her face horizontally  in its middle.   

           Accordingly, her smile confused us because Salai’s left half is fully smiling, when Lionardo’s half is pretty serious. So our impression changes according to which lip we focus on. Who could have guessed that it was the smile of two different people?

Mona Lisa Smile Lips

The enigmatic Mona Lisa's smile, now decoded! It’s the smile of two different people!

           Same goes for her eyes. We were confused because each of them looks at a different point in the horizon! The left one is looking straight at us, while the right one is wondering.

           Therefore, Mona Lisa’s identity has also little to do with “half male, half female,” since as we can see with our own eyes; both of her halves are males: Lionardo and Salai. Also, we now understand that the “half” is very literal, as in order to Decode the Mona Lisa we have to divide her face horizontally in its middle.   

           In addition, Lionardo divided them into two asymmetrical halves also in the “John the Baptist” and in the “Salvator Mundi” paintings, with Salai as his other-half, freeing their love from its prison again and again, and in front of everyone's eyes! Therefore, we have seven self-portraits of Maestro Lionardo da Vinci! [In the Novel you will find all Lionardo's self-portraits, and also three never seen before mysterious figures on the Mona Lisa, and most importantly the way Lionardo figured out to have his eyes fixed on Salai forever. The Three-Dimensional Mona Lisa by the hands of magical Lionardo da Vinci, as seen in the novel's cover!]

           In the "John the Baptist" painting we may all have seen just Salai, since his profile is covering most of his face, but the truth is that it’s the divided+united Lionardo and Salai! The two of them together forever! The left side is Salai, the right can’t be anyone else but the young and very handsome Lionardo, connected now also in age, just to see how they would look together if they were of the same age. Lionardo is truly very handsome, this is his best self-portrait under my opinion! A very special masculine and feminine beauty which says more than it hides. He cares, and has the curiosity to be playful with us and enjoy himself while expressing their erotic relationship.  

The novel's story: "Twenty-nine years old, guileless and sensitive Nicolas finds in 18th century Florence, the hidden and lost manuscript of Lionardo da Vinci’s last pupil and inheritor, experiencing Lionardo’s teachings as a part of his adventurous life, in between Florence and New York of the 1800s, and thus, decoding the world first and then the epic Mona Lisa, “the Secret of Secrets.” A Three Levels Decoding.

concerns our personal balance,
which we can even observe on our faces!]

           Lionardo also wrote that, “I will demonstrate the Nature of Man in the way I describe his figure,”[2] and concerning his figure he wrote that, “The shape of bodies is divided into two parts!” [3]Word for word, this is Lionardo’s description of the principle philosophy behind his works: divided horizontally into two. And when Lionardo designs the anatomy of the human scalp, he also divides it in half and both of the sides are clearly of a different type, just like the Mona Lisa! Two more proofs about the stated here decoding of the Mona Lisa, totalling five proofs so far.

The Mona Lisa’s Decoding was always right in front of us!!!

           THE REVOLUTIONARY THING IS that, as it was mentioned in the introduction, what is depicted in the Mona Li-sa, where she is two matching, but different, other half-faces of Li-onardo and Sa-lai, the same thing occurs for all beings! Meaning that, WE ALL HAVE TWO OTHER-HALF FACES/BODIES/PERSONALITIES, matching, but so different, that they look like they could belong to a completely different person!

The best proof is that WE CAN ALL SEE THEM IN OUR MIRROR IMAGE and therefore have no doubt about the accuracy of Lionardo’s revolutionary observation on Human Anatomy! So, what better idea than also observing the other-half faces of famous people?


           The most famous politician of our era. His right half is the famous one, his left the unknown. Meaning that if someone showed us his left half-face, and asked us who he is, we wouldn't even recognize him.

 Live inside Lionardo da Vinci’s multidimensional mind at the time he fell in love and created his Masterpieces, with the use of 350 Artworks as part of the novel’s plot and its characters coming of age and Enlightenment. Find out where and why Lionardo hid his unprecedented Code; Psychology's Foundation Stone and a Revolution for Biology, Politics, Robotics, Anatomy, Cosmology, Painting, Archaeology, Neuroscience, Optics, Arts, Marketing and our Everyday Life because we may finally see in our mirror, our famous “other self” which we talk to for all our life and appears whenever he feels so, while it also is a logical path towards Enlightenment! A multidimensional tool to restore our faith to Human Potential and, why not, Save the World!!

THE BIG NEWS is that as in the Mona Li-sa, so are we divided+ united horizontally into two different faces, bodies, personalities and a third one which combines them, being the one who makes all the decisions. As in the Mona Lisa, one other-half Self is Lionardo, the other-half Self is Salai, and the Third one is the total of them all: The Mona Lisa! So distinct, compared to each other, that you add two male other-half Natures and there appears... a woman!" What better proof then checking our own two half faces in the mirror?


           Let's also observe Albert Einstein's 3 selves, or how can someone smile and not smile at the same time. [The 3 selves are thoroughly explained in the historical fiction novel]

          So, logically, all of our body is also divided into two other-halves, matching, but, different from each other, as we see in the mirror. As we can observe from the picture, the two halves of the body look like they come from a different guy. The left one is hard as stone, the right one has more meat. 

  The nipples are at a different height and the abdominals naturally create different shapes, even though they belong to the same slim person.

   The Nature of Humans is, at first, two other halves throughout our conception, according toLionardo, Plato, the Pharaoh's, personal observation and our microscopes in the 21st century, as you can see in the cell’s picture taken at the exact moment of their separation. They aren’t clones, as we believe today, but two different and matching other-halves, as we can see from the picture. and we still haven’t studied their relationships and differences, nor the criteria of their mutual attraction, because we’re only just realizing that each cell has a different personality, a different side to it, and you can see their asymmetry with the naked eye! iThe same works for our two other-half D.N.A. helixes and our two other-half chromosomes. [The Attraction and the Asymmetrically Beautiful is explained in the novel]

  Our other-half Selves are also the reason why our eyes may squint and the reason why we have two brain hemispheres, instead of one, [as we can see in the picture] which, up to today, we thought would make more sense. Accordingly, one may observe that we can’t have internal conflicts if we only have one self. Then who are we fighting with internally?
  The expressions we have already accepted for our second hidden voice/self are countless: “Little voice,” “A voice inside me told me to…,” “Internal conflict,” “I’m trying to make amends with myself,” “I’m on good terms with myself.” To which other self are we referring?
  Evidently, our second self, which has its own mind and personality, which we’re called BIOLOGICALLY TO BRING FORTH, AND BRING INTO HARMONY WITH OUR OTHER-HALF SELF, IN ORDER NOT TO BE IMBALANCED.

   All the above means that every living being's Nature is to learn how to make two different sides cooperate fairly from within! Or they will face the consequences with internal nagging. [The how is described in the novel]

Therefore, the Nature of all beings
is to learn how to cooperate fairly!

           What a relief... Meaning that it may actually be very possible to make amends with each other, because that is our Nature. The more you learn about the nature, the more you learn to love it.

The Lionardo da Vinci Code=
"We all are three people united into one!"

We all have two other-half faces/bodies/personalities so perfectly matched that not even you, the owner, observes it!! With the Third self/personality being their combination, our whole face and the impression we create to others.

The secret for achieving our personal balance and society’s balance!

[It's thoroughly explained with real life examples in the historical fiction novel]


          Logically, the way we are externally, it’s the same way we are internally and here’s why the foundation stone of Psychology is suggested.
  You can’t ignore the new scientific fact, because you have seen your other-half self with your own eyes. Our goal is to understand how they work. Therefore, it’s the first time we know any Natural Law about our inner world! We are not alone, we have two other-half selves to satisfy! Because, now, we can see our other-half self even with our own eyes! Two are in conversation, the third one decides for their mutual benefit. He that is reading now and maybe even taking into consideration the Revelation of Mona Lisa.

  Psychologists and the Psychiatrists are from now on called to encounter the second and hidden self inside themselves and their clients, since all three of our Selves are equally important, and only by finding their combination+balance will they cure their clients’ souls, or even their own. “Freeing our second voice, means that we free ourselves!” Bare in mind that we don’t have many other selves, there’s just the two of us and the Maestro, and it’s proved by the Mona Lisa and by our biology and anatomy. Will we now built two Artificial Inteligence's into one, following the "trifair" rule of nature as described in the historical fiction novel?

           How, though, all of the above improve our everyday life, in our personal quest to achieve our balance, either internally or externally, in our interpersonal relationships and inside our society as a whole?
How does Lionardo’s Code expand in 45 original theories, while being a logical path in order to cease your inner turmoil, or even leading you to your Enlightenment and the opening of your Third Eye?[In the drawing to the left, are the “binaty” “Like and Dislike,” by Lionardo da Vinci. Like and dislike are a couple in the same body but they have their backs against each other, as the one is opposite to the other by definition. "Facebook's Code" More info in the novel.]


 "Twenty-nine years old, guileless and sensitive Nicolas finds in 18th century Florence, the hidden and lost manuscript of Lionardo da Vinci’s last pupil, Francesco Melzo, and inheritor, experiencing Lionardo’s teachings as a part of his adventurous life, in between Florence and New York of the 1800s, and thus, decoding the world first and then the epic Mona Lisa, “the Secret of Secrets.”

 What is the System of Nature Balance, and what is the function+philosophy of the Trifair Demosophy, a brand new Natural Democratic System which follows the way nature spreads the power fairly, where “the power belongs to everyone and no one?” It would though be really funny if a Greek guy once again conceives the next political system,,, In the novel one may also find how to prepare for a wise Adulthood. and what is the Nature of Humans, according to facts.

All the above questions consist the THRID LEVEL of Mona Lisa’s Decoding, which is kept secret, in order to be enjoyed by its readers at its full depth, if you’re interested in reading the novel.

           The historical fiction novel includes 165 original theories and 350 gorgeous and explained paintings and drawings, mainly by Leonardo himself, as part of the plot, adulthood and enlightenment of the novel’s characters, the “Seekers of Truth,” so that:

Our first goal is to talk freely to each other.

The difference between reading the manuscript or not is tantamount to opening your eyes or keeping them tight shut.

Will the “Revolution of the Guileless” succeed in the 21st century?
If the message is understood, then the ripe time has come.

With the kind support of Ocelotos Publishing.

Refferences: [1] Codex Forster, by Lionardo da Vinci, 10 v., Literary Works of Leonardo da Vinci, VOL. II, by Richter, page 414. [2] Codex Windstor, by Lionardo da Vinci: IV 174a [3] Treatise of Painting, by Francesco Melzi, chapter V.

*The Decoding of the Mona Li-sa took place during the presentation of the historical novel “The Revelation Of Mona Li-sa” by Filippos Marinakis M.F.A., AFi graduate and a TV Executive for TV Series, among other things, in Athens, Greece on October 20, 2018.

**The historical fiction novel is available at Amazon, either as a paperback, or as a Kindle ebook, and as a colour paperback from Blurb.

***It is also available in Greek, in Athens’s major bookstores, [Ianos, Politeia, Protoporia], and at their eshops, and also from Ocelotos Publishing here, where you can read through the first 40 pages.

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Mona Lisa Code here?

 Ocelotos Publishing invites you to Polis Art Café in the center of Athens, Greece, on Saturday October the 20th 2018 at 3pm, on a, logically, historical day, where the author will present for the very first time the Decoding of the epic Mona Lisa of Leonardo da Vinci, and why it is the “secret of secrets,” as her myth foretold. A wonderful story and an ultra-important and unknown to us scientific knowledge, which opens a portal of knowledge, either in the sciences, or in order to achieve our very own personal balance and inspiration, as well as our society’s balance as a whole, as explained in the pioneering and illustrated historical novel by Filippos Marinakis:

How is the Mona Lisa’s secret to be compared to the Pharaoh’s, to the ancient Greeks, to Christianity, to the brand new foundation stone of Psychology proposed here, and the newly found System of Natural Balance, even creating a new Democratic System, the Demosophy, where “everyone and no one has the power,” curing the diseases of today’s Democracy, which are also revealed in the novel.
Leonardo also writes that, “All of our knowledge originates from our Sensibilities,” in an era today where we advise each other to silence our sensibilities, so as not to get hurt. Are we, though, in that way, forfeiting all of our knowledge? The world changes with new knowledge.
An Enlightenment journey, a sensitive hunt into the treasures of inner knowledge, full of truth and full of revelations about mysteries which have haunted us since our beginnings, with 165 original theories, mainly thanks to the Mona Lisa’s Portal, varying from the magical nature of Humans, our very own humanity or how to make amends with each other, the Birth of the Universe, God’s sense of humor, the wise original couple, the fact that memories are transferred from generation to generation, Robotics and E.T.’s; to ways for achieving happiness or how to “over-cum” all obstacles, how to protect the sensitive people, even leading to becoming Enlightened, or opening your Third Eye, by being teleported to the center of the Cosmos, with your eyes open!
   With the use of 350 gorgeous and explained paintings and drawings, mainly by Leonardo himself, as part of the plot, adulthood and enlightenment of the novel’s characters, the “Seekers of Truth,” during three decisive eras. During the Renaissance, during the American and French Revolution, but also during the 21st century, in order to prove the theories, so that:
Our first goal is to talk freely to each other.

The difference between reading the manuscript or not is tantamount to opening your eyes or keeping them tight shut.

The story:
   During Napoleon’s rule, at the end of the 18th century, in Florence, the twenty-nine year old sensitive, honest, comic writer Nicolas is enchanted by the hidden manuscript of the last and best student of Leonardo da Vinci, and identifies himself with it, revealing the Humanitarian and Teacher Leonardo, by experiencing  his wisdom and magic, as part of his adventures, resulting in decoding the world first and then the epic Mona Lisa, “the secret of secrets,” inbetween Florence and New York of the 1800s, along with unexpected assistance from a very enigmatic inner voice, which led him to decode the Mona Lisa! How did his inner voice know the way, when no one has yet decoded her?
Leading every devoted “Seeker of Truth” to even becoming Enlightened, or teleporting to the center of the Cosmos with his eyes open, maybe even awakening his Third Eye, and thus, also, creating a new theory about the birth of the Universe! How far does the Mona Lisa’s decoding go? Let us be prepared…      Is the 21st century the right era?
If the message is understood, then the ripe time has come

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The historical/romantic novel will be available online and in selected (Greek) bookstores from October the 25th, 2018. The "secret of secrets" of Mona Lisa will be revealed on October 20th.

With the kind assistance of Ocelotos Publishing.

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LDV drawing

  I'm certain that this is the decoding of the Mona Lisa we were instinctively expecting, not only because an inner and mysterious voice led me to understand the Mona Lisa, but also because it adds new facts, and because the mastermind Leonardo da Vinci has left behind eight unmistakable pieces of evidence, which confirm the decoding beyond any doubt, since he wanted to be certain about the story and unknown knowledge for today’s science, which he wanted to transmit to the future generations.  

 Now, we can all become Enlightened!

 The historical/romantic novel will be available online and in bookstores from October 25th, 2018."THE REVELATION OF MONA LISA" NOVEL


The Greatest Conspiracy of the Past 2000
Years is About to Unravel

Click to watchWhile in Paris on business, Harvard symbologist Robert Langdon receives an urgent late-night phone call: the elderly curator of the Louvre has been murdered inside the museum. Near the body, police have found a baffling cipher. Solving the enigmatic riddle, Langdon is stunned to discover it leads to a trail of clues hidden in the works of da Vinci…clues visible for all to see…and yet ingeniously disguised by the painter.

Langdon joins forces with a gifted French cryptologist, Sophie Neveu, and learns the late curator was involved in the Priory of Sion—an actual secret society whose members included Sir Isaac Newton, Botticelli, Victor Hugo, and da Vinci, among others. The Louvre curator has sacrificed his life to protect the Priory’s most sacred trust: the location of a vastly important religious relic, hidden for centuries.

In a breathless race through Paris, London, and beyond, Langdon and Neveu match wits with a faceless powerbroker who appears to work for Opus Dei—a clandestine, Vatican-sanctioned Catholic sect believed to have long plotted to seize the Priory’s secret. Unless Langdon and Neveu can decipher the labyrinthine puzzle in time, the Priory’s secret—and a stunning historical truth—will be lost forever.

 In an exhilarating blend of relentless adventure, scholarly intrigue, stunning research and cutting wit, symbologist Robert Langdon (first introduced in Dan Brown’s bestselling Angels & Demons) is faithful in seeking for the Truth. Da Vinci Code sold more than 100 million books, and is one of the most popular books in our History.

 The Revelation of Mona Lisa presents a different version of understanding Leonardo's Last Supper painting, and who was sitting next to Christ according to the Bible, and in relation to the brand new decoding of the Mona Lisa and Leonardo da Vinci in general!

The Catcher in the Rye [J. D. Salinger]

Click to watch

O...the first thing you'll probably want to know is where I was born and what my lousy childhood was like, and how my parents were occupied and all before they had me, and all that David Copperfield kind of crap, but I don't feel like going into it, if you want to know the truth. In the first place, that stuff bores me, and in the second place, my parents would have about two hemorrhages apiece if I told anything pretty personal about them....

   Holden Caulfield is 16, has just been expelled from school and, boy, does he speak his own mind. Exposing phoniness and adult convention are his favorite keys, as is horsing around with his younger sister, Phoebe: "Old Phoebe" in his inner slang. His constant and eye-of-an-eagle observations about people and society are an eye-opener to alternative beings.
   Holden is pretty much the actual JD Salinger, and this is his 16 year old view on the world of adults. Sharp and witty, to say the least, this is the thinking of a genius. You can read it as a very funny teen-story, or you can dive into the million hints given to get close to "the big picture." Please read in original English, JD's linguistic skills are as close to perfection as possible. This is a life-changing book to not so few. First read on set in order to produce a short film [thanks a trillion Sam], my first feeling was "OMG I'm not alone!" [yeah, and that's like a decade before OMG]. Αfter the tenth page of the Catcher in the Rye I just ran home, and the boy wrote his mind and never stopped since. [duh]