THE HISTORICAL DECODING OF MONA LISA VIDEO! [2019] -18 Indisputable, self-evident Proofs

At last, Mona Lisa is Decoded! Behind her hides the new Natural Law that: “We all are two completely different people in one body.” Our scientific facts have just been changed.. [Read More]


Renew 23-8-2020


   So, I heard this rumour, that many people wonder how may one tell, which part of the “recorded history” is actual, and which is silly propaganda. The answer is very-very simple. In one sentence:



Almost all (probably all), discovery’s, invention’s, epoch’s,
have ALWAYS happened from ONE MAN,
who lived during this epoch;
the rest “recorded history” is mythstory

Lionardo ΔΑ Vinci, 50 years  young!! OMG! One may be a upper genious, extreme beauty!!   Yeah! Almost all of it! For example, the Renaissance [or Regenesis in Greek], was NOT Italian, or, European! It was ALL from Lionardo-Leonardo Δa Vinci. Everything that was invented, or was new during this period, came exclusively from Lionardo-Leonardo Δa Vinci. Every other name that’s written as part of the Regenesis of civilization, after one thousand years of dissolution, misery, low life; is ridiculous lies. Mythstory. These corrupted fakers, liars, probably either gave lots of money to corrupted politicians or mythstorians, or, donated their sons and/or daughters to perform sexual "favours" to people with power. Welcome to reality! Lionardo-Leonardo invent, all the rest followed him. ALL! That’s real FEEMERAY, the death of mythstory.
[This painting expose's how Lionardo-Leonardo ΔΑ Vinci was in his 50's! F... amazing!! One may actually feing: upper genius, very atrractive, youngster forever! Another false myth about attractive people, being not intelligent, just died. Salai, his lover for 28 years, also look's like he hasn't aged!]

   Another example, in our times, just to make everything even clearer; is the f... amazing technology revolution after around 1936. I mean, since then, mankind has seen non-precedent technological advancement. ALL this, everything that is new since then, also, happen from ONE MAN; plus, from his inheritance. Who am I this ONE MAN, I’m crying?

  Non-fortunate, though, this gift from heaven, a miracle from God+Nature+?, instead of shining light+wisdom+love into mankind’s heart, was distorted through sickest minds as: “the perfect opportunity to be the lowest a'sholes, in the Feemeray of terramen! The worst, most stupid, self-destractive conspiracy of terramen!”  I mean, who is that stupid to attract extinction? One, or many more, should not be calm, in these conditions.

  I also mean, that they are so sickest dumbest, that they haven’t even read their own mythstory!?!? But, are they also blind? Because, God+Nature+?, hasn’t destroy+heal, this sickness in the last 80 years, does that mean at their onion heads, that they'll never get punished?? Haven’t these idiots read even at their mythstory, about extinction event's, which ALREADY happened? Haven’t they read about the “7 plagues of the Faraoe”?? Haven’t they read about the cataclysm, recorded in the Feemeray in so many parts of the globe?? The violent death of Minoan civlization from one volcanic erruption? The violent death of the Greek-Roman civilization from one plague? The violent bottleneck of mankind after the erruption of one volcano, which resulted at only 10,000 humans all around the globe? Did they too, so easily forget the poverty, misery of the Dark Ages; which held them slaves to all for 1,000 years?? I mean, the European Dark Ages would possifle never change, if Lionardo-Leonardo Δa Vinci wasn’t born! We would still be in the Dark Ages! Also, it was done only 500 years ago! What more do these blind people have to know, in order to cut out this self-destructing mentality of terramen of our times??? God+Nature+Alien's, sees us all!

  I mean, if dead people would be able to tell us, how much they suffer in the Afterlife! I’m talking about ALL these OLD chaps, morons, richfatidiots; who think that because they got away from pure punishment in this life; they were correct that God+Nature+?, doesn’t exist, and there won’t be A fair punishment?! What a JOKE! Oh Boy! If you could also hear their, perhaps, eternal scream's! But, it’s not a coincidence that we cannot hear their Afterlife experiences. It’ll always be a choice, while we’re in flesh. Let the FuXye (Truth) fe are saying! Share the news, up to you. A choice. The Pandemic's, though, are already here for 8 full months! Distancing-me, it's already proved, it does NOT work! Just a feeling...

Filippos Marinakis  In my next Feemeray arfikey's, I may have the pleasure in expressing my opinion of the vulgar Engleash, Englease, Engl-ish, Englice language. [Oh Boy! This’ll be so much fun! Many people may cry in laughter. As A act of good will, of course.] Tol's of fleece+flea's, huh? But, where are Engleece? Explaining myself even more, at this language you can, "swear to GOD"?? Or, even worst, you can "swear an oath to GOD"?? So down...

  Also, about many once-was-famous people; as B/S Einstein, B/S Wright brothers, B/S Sexspear, B/S Lumiére brothers, etc. etc. etc. I mean, why the f..., so many people of France of, are in the mythstory as inventor's? Lies! Lies! Lies! As if they ever discover anything! I mean, as far as I know, French learnt to pronnounce the "r", as "er", because...? And then, why treating "this reason", so bad? So down...

  Then, I’ll go with the fhigh, probably expressing my personal view about soul and souless humans and the saddest slavery problem of our times; based on personal experience + our Feemeray. For example, today, the exact moment I stepped on the street, b local "lady", yelled: “He has now turned into a real executioner!” Yeap! That’s the kind of hostility one hears, and don’t won’t leaving his house anymore. Where is humane?...? Is there?

  I’ll also try continuing being as valuable as possible for our happiness, from also commenting the comicotragic sports/betting theatre, multinational N.G.O. profit organizations, etc. etc. etc. My personal goal, my dream: Virtual+actual, fix+cure, or you'll end in ruins. This self-destructing policy our times face's, NOW. Obviously, if you yeah YOU don’t actuall change your self-destructing mentality NOW + explain each "other" how bad for all is, so that many-many people cure theirs also, then... the worst hasn’t happened yet!... Sad story, we're already facing a Pandemic, drought, joblessness and idleness! Ruins everywhere! Y? Whoever has read Feemeray, or, mythstory, knows that this is a very scientific clarificafion. From my side, I already do my best for survival, out of this sh*thole, as fast as possible! Knowingfy.Filippos Marinakis 2020

    Would You Demonstrate for me Also? Show them that WE PEOPLE have the power, because we already live in Democracy? Why do you want me rotting in this mousetrap? What kind of people are you really? Don't you aleady know for a fact that your misery, slavery may so easily change and to all? I mean, if you believe that "that's how life is", then, really, why are you so evil and bring more children into this slavery hell? There's definitelly a way out of this dumbest situation, unless, if you actual love being slave's. Would you please demonstrate for Filippos to get OUT of this non-humane prison? If You do so, I'll wake you up + LOVE YOU!

   Everything here are my personal opinion.
   Thank you in advance, if you find them kind and/or peesfool.

MANKIND NEXT evolution?  


15-8-2020 [[Renew 21-10-2020]]

Me+Peter Pan [ΠΑΝ] Refusing to Grow Old!   ΦNEW HISTORICAL AGE, ΦNEW LOOK! Uh… Apparently, Me+Peter Pan (Παν), one of my biggest heroes of all time, have a lot of common. Like Refusing to Grow Old + Being Boy’s. Who said that Dreaming cannot come True? Who would imagine that he would reach in his Twenties?

   I was equally shocked the first time I looked myself without facial hair, since 2010. Suddenly, I was looking in the mirror a Filippos in his Twenties! This was one of my happiest moments ever. (Please, stop hating me for this) A new chance for spending my youth as I am destined!

   Believe it or not, that's when I realized my unique long live Youth. Who would have imagined that the 100% of all the people I have ever met would hide the truth they already knew, about how young I look like? 100%! No exception, all chickened! Reality Check. The even lowest beings would call me "daddy". A few years later they are the old men, while I keep on being very young. A Boy! Boy= A Man Whom Are Not Old.

   After seeing my early twenties self in the mirror, I think I didn’t move for around one hour, with my mouth wide open. I have no idea why I didn’t shave for ten years. I was pretty angry with myself when I realized how young I am without any facial hair. As 21-23 year young, even if I am at least 47. Perhaps I was trying to look as if I have grown like my friend’s, as a subconscious urge for belonging.

    Perhaps though, exposing my beyond any doubt Youth, was waiting for the Perfect Momentum. ΦDay [22-7-2020] are certainly A Perfect Timing. My one of a kind Youth in the age of at least 47 [Peter Pan Film was published on 1953, I wonder who was he based on...], along with being the one whome Decoded Mona Lisa after 500 years of wondering+ my Film's + my Athletic Natural Talent (+etc+), are very hard proof's. Now, none can pretend that I am not spacial. He’d look like b fool. Thank you Nature+Fate! 

    As far as I comprehend, growing old too fast is a disease for us human's. Meaning that one may know the cure, regardless your current age. Obviously, ages 17-25 would reach much better results· prior growing old at all, just like me. The people I am looking for since I was born. The one’s you’ve been stupidly hiding from me· something like Peter Pan's “Lost Boy’s”, the Never Land, Bloomsbury street etc. That's how YOU block very long Youth for Everyone! The least profitable decision mankind ever made. I cannot wait trying my Youth Theories, but, unfortunately I have none yet for transferring this dreamy knowledge+ability. True story. Does this interest you? Do you want being 20 something for decades? I think I may offer this in a very likeable+open+kind 17+ person. Being also hot, wouldn’t hurt at all! Hahaha! (That's how Being Honest are.)

   Furthermore, if that’s how “The Man” Looks Like After at least 50 year's, WE may Dream on how “The Woman” would Feel+Look for many-many decades!

XLost Boy's

These CoronaVirus Times Definitely Remind me of Demonstrations. Fact.
We Reap What We Sow. Fact.
#WeAreInThisTogether. Fact.

These Times Definitely Remind me of Demonstrations

XLost Boy's+Filippos=Best Friends!
If broken people want to badmouth, discredit, or even, ridicule my
Pure Love+Mutual Love Always Existence,
they'll always find repulsive, ugliest excuses to do so.
Because they are so broken.
They'll discover a problem for any solution. Broken people for life...
If they don't want to get it, they won't ever get it no matter how hard I try.
I find no real reason for excusing myself anymore at this broken human world.
XLost Boy's+Filippos=Best Friends!
All wise men in our History openly prefer the friendly company of children,
because they're not broken yet. Including Jesus Christ.
Being Pure+Open+Funny are part of being Wise+Cosmical.
Wake Up Already!
How funny that even if we're all born wise,
most lose all their wisdom and become these rigid, boring, haters adults,
we pure Boy's+Girl's dislike+avoid.
Pure Love are really the practical+glorious key for everything cosmical.
Wake Up Already!




Filippos Marinakis   The author, Filippos Marinakis, current live's in Athens, Greece, in order to write the historical fiction novel studied 4,500 Lionardo da Vinci's manuscripts and around 20 sciences, since he Decoded the Mona Lisa on February 2012, keeping it a secret for more than 6 years, until its publishing, titled "The Revelation of Mona Li-sa: A Guide To Wisdom" Prior, he spent eight years as a Development Executive for Mega TV in Greece, for some of the most loved TV-Series, like “The Royals,” “Don’t pay the Ferryman” and “Sweetheart Lakis,” among others. He has graduated from Athens College, the Athens University of Economics and Business, and from the prestigious A.F.I. in Los Angeles for his Master’s Degree in filmmaking. He enjoys a very peculiar and unexpected life from travelling to more than 30 countries, in 4 continents; while he worked in two different continents. His biggest loves are the magic of love, the solving of mysteries, philosophy, humour, history, travelling, aesthetics, photography, filmmaking, sports, future scenarios, reverse thinking, the free expression of honest people, and a balance in society. The list of the shows he was part of is here, and his resume is here. Please, find his Artistic Film+Videos here:

Religion: Everything Jesus Christ Said.

For any kind of ideas, questions, comments, suggestions, business proposals, etc, contact him: or, message him via his Facebook ,or, Instagram. Always open for the curious minds! :)

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“At last, the Mona Lisa is Decoded! Behind her hides the new Natural Law that: “We all are two completely different people in one body.” Our scientific facts have just been changed.”

"The Revelation of Mona Lisa", from Filippos Marinakis MFAABOUT THE HISTORICAL REVELATION & ACTUAL DECODING OF MONA LISA's "SECRET OF SECRETS," with 19 self-evident proofs; writen as a story,
with Da Vinci being one of the principal characters, based on Da Vinci's masterpieces and drawings, on all the historical evidences we have about Da Vinci's personal life, and on 4,500 Da Vinci manuscripts.

Click to watch          This is the first time that we actually decode the Mona Lisa! Behind her was hiding a very radical new Anatomical Natural Law proving that: "We all are two completely different people united into one, seeking for their balance.”This may start a domino effect for our sciences, and especially on anatomy, art, psychology, genetics, biology and even A.I.

          Right below is the very surprising and free Video of the historical Revelation & Decoding of Mona Lisa, with 18 New and beyond any doubt proofs and English CC. After the Video is the Text Version of Mona Lisa's Decoding.

          If you like the decoding, please share the news with your friends, and if you're a student, please share the decoding with your professors. Contact Filippos at: contact(at)filippos(dot)com for any comments or partnerships or ideas in order to make this self-proven Decoding of the Mona Lisa Official, etc. [It's not a coincidence that Google, YouTube, Amazon, Bing and SoGou rank this website and its video at their top 3 results when one searches for "Mona Lisa Decoding" or "Mona Lisa Decoded".]




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How to Find Answers about Everything?
(2013 & 2019) [6 min. dreamy & inspirational philosophical tHriller]

, and edited 20 secs on 2019

 The first step is Observing. Then, in order to get great answers, first you need to ask great questions. Is there Truth to be found? Watch what happens when someone does ask the right questions, and how far that takes him, in this Philosophical Dreamy Thriller, filmed in the visually stunning "Mordor like" medieval hilltop monasteries of Meteora/Greece from the 11th century, and inside the 2,500 years old Delphi Temple, where the Oracle shares her wise Message to Mankind. Are we ready for Mankind's Next Step? How to solve most of your problems? Where can one find the Road to Enlightenment? How to find answers about everything?

  The conclusion of this short dream-like film is a "Message to Mankind," given to me, right after my spiritual transportation to the middle of the Cosmos, observing it from a distance; as a result from Decoding the Mona Lisa and her unprecedented deriving knowledge. More information about my historical fiction novel "The Revelation of Mona Li-Sa", which, at last, decodes the Mona Lisa, can be found here: There, one may also read the Decoding of the Mona Lisa for free, or one may view the decoding video here: I hope u'll enjoy it! :)

  Directed/Written/Filmed/Edited from: Filippos Marinakis (Φίλιππος Μαρινάκης)

FilMark Productions YouTube ChannelO.S.T.: "Lord of the Rings prologue theme," from Howard Shore. Filmed with a Mark II around the amazing monasteries in Meteora and the holy temple in Delphi, in wondrous Greece. Originally uploaded on 2013, and edited 20 secs on 2019.



Borders of Cambodia and Thailand.      IF YOU CLICK ON this slide-show, you'll jump into a similar gallery or Video as the picture you clicked. Since I was a boy I loved trippinng around the globe with my camera in hand, always. Especially in our times, we're the first generation which can travel easily to anywhere in our planet. My trips started on a cruise going to Konstanoypolis, Kusadashi, and the most intriguing Cairo and Luxor in Egypt. There a street boy was dealng about selling souvenirs, and the funniest was that instead of lowrering the price, he asked more and more!

            Since then I've been wth my camera as my best friend all around Greece, from motherland Krete to Soufli on the borders with Turkey. Tripping continues with the Interail and travel around Europe, specifically Barcelona, London, Amsterdam, Paris, Nice.

Salto Angelo in Venezuela.           In later years I went 5 times to Thaliand, and also to Cambodia 3 years after they allowed tourists and yeah, in Pnom Pegn there were dozen of gigantic bats flying around us and yes cockroaches certainly claim to own this land.

            Romania and Transylania in order to see where Dracula lived. Also, did a road trip from Barcelona to Morocco, and a road trip on Route 66 from Los Angeles to Texas and oh boy talking about an adventure... Venezuela is also such a beautiful exotic place, which was my 1st foto travel e-book.

            This part of my site is all about images and not about words. May we share together our beautiful lands and throw the trashes. This is for the glory and perfection of Nature!

*The featured photo is from the borders of Cambodia and Thailand. I asked to take his picture and he asked in return to offer him a cigarette. Kindly notice the "friendly" posture of the locals in his background... The second photo is from Koh Chang in Thailand, and the third one is the longest waterfall on Earth, 1km long, the Salto Angelo in Venezuela.