CHOOSING THE PERFECT CAREER PATH [lasts for a whole life, Philosophical/Thriller]

Shei Shonagon's 11th century Poems I REMEMBER from my senior year at high-school that I had to choose a “professional direction” and that it would follow me for the rest of my life; therefore it was to my benefit to make the ideal decision. That adds up to the great school system paradox, of having no clue about Life’s Big Picture, as you have NO IDEA what each profession offers you and if it suits you. It’s not that, in previous years, we had classes like “Civil Engineer” or “Doctor” or “Advertiser” or “Public Servant” etc., to know whether they’ll bore you five minutes later. At least the U.S. colleges sent representatives to the high-schools to inform them. In Greece you face a very serious decision and your information about careers is what you have heard here and there, without any system to aid you to make the best decision. With these facts you had better have already expressed specific talents of your own, or your circle of friends may help you decide, covering the lack of imagination of our school system. What do you do when you haven’t spotted your specific talent; or if you have more than one and none stands out?

   Firstly, the most pleasant news! You can change that choice anytime you want, if you’re prepared to make sacrifices! Working will also get you to witness how your choice really works out in the long term; wait till you find out that many people started NEW careers, from [almost] nothing when they became 30 or 40. The most famous example is of Harrison Ford who had his breakthrough at the age of 31 in American Graffiti and then he once again lost hope, until he reached the age of 35. In “Star Wars IV – A New Hope”. The story goes that the 35 year old Harrison Ford had almost dropped the dream of the big screen and, although keeping his acquaintances from some parts he performed in the past, was working as a carpenter on the sets at Fox. As fate would have it, that was when George Lucas was building the Star Wars Saga; he came out of his office, saw Harrison in front of him and the rest is now History.

   The conclusion is that I hope you find your favorite profession from the beginning [it will save you a lot of confusion], but it’s not that you sign a binding contract for life and with your blood. Start with the one you enjoy the most and are already willing to give it your all, and slowly you’ll find your way. Almost everyone eventually finds it, so don’t be too stressed out. Also, if you don’t do well with a drained life, better refrain from choosing the philosophy of "as much money as possible." Many hated money; living careers which didn’t suit them was regretted by everyone. Usually, after 7-10 career years you can see more clearly.

   On the other hand, that "half-a-day of your life" until you become 65 is not to be underestimated. They are real days-weeks-months-years which run in front of you like a flash when you join the career frenzy rhythm. You may wake up one day and say: “When did aaall those years pass by?”
Therefore, on the one hand try, even if you’re not sure, on the other hand the goal is to always learn what suits you professionally and in general, in order to always progress to the next level [exactly like in video games]. If you try without moving to the next level, then maybe you really are wasting your time but, not even then, you can’t say that you lost the game. Harrison Ford proves that there’s no limit to success. I’m not certain about the most successful professionals, I’m certain, though, about the happiest: Those who turned their hobbies into a profession. :)))
Have a Good Day! :D



Mona Lisa Code here?

 THANK THE TEENAGERS, because no matter how the irresponsible adults of each generation f#$% it up, there always going to be rebellious teenagers, ready to put things in the right order. Being a teenager, thankfully, is characterized by revolutionary actions, and renegotiating from the beginning all the “adult” philosophies. This teen Q&A is for these teenagers and teenage souls. Or to offer proof that even the adults want something much better than the world we witness. There are points of view and information I’d love to have known as a teenager, or at least have their perspective, and that is why I share them with all teenagers and teen-spirits. We need many more teenage souls and that’s the only reason for the answers I’d give to my teen self, or to current teenagers who see the world a little bit differently than the over 40’s do.

   We should know that all generations agree on the will to “change the world”, as this is the most common wish to any newborn baby: “Be the one who’s going to change the world.” And we mean it!
You can e-mail me at your own major questions and I’ll try to reply as informatively as possible, according to what my eyes have witnessed. I’m not going to insist on my views, I’m also writing in order to learn more. I believe it’s most beneficial if different generations work together, because we can all learn a billion things from our fruitful cooperation. Something isn’t going right in our world, and we all know it, even if we keep our eyes shut. Is it our first step to change the world, to talk openly amongst ourselves?



how to solve teenage suicides & BULLYING? [13 reasons why]

         "13 Reasons Why" is a very realistic, honest and compelling TV show with smart, lovable and realistic characters, strong friendships, amazing acting and a "teenage feeling," dedicated to "teenagers suicides;" after their teen angst, which originated from bullying. This time it's the lovely, beautiful and very intelligent girl, Hannah, aged 17, who unfortunately commits suicide, because she doesn't know that no matter how traumatizing the bullying is at school, it only lasts these very few years, and then, you have a whole life without any bullying. Because, after school we have this thing called "Law" -putting bullies to prison, since they're not minors anymore.

             The best solution to stop bullying is to "call them out" as soon as possible, to people with authority, and insist on ending the problem until it's solved. Then, not only will you have a very strong ally, but, it's also their lawful obligation to put an end to it. Hannah, recorded 13 tapes, addressed to 13 people who according to her were "The 13 Reasons Why" she commited suicide at the age of 17. Each tape is one episode. My favourite character is Alex.
[On top is "Clay", to the right is "Hannah", and below is "Alex"]

          The statistics about teenage suicide are jaw-breaking. In the U.S. only, 3,041 teenage suicide atemps (12-18 y.o.) occur, EVERY DAY! Almost all of them have a psychological disorder at the time of death, meaning that you can "see the signs", if you're a parent who pays close attention to your children. Suicidal teens are very often depressed, bored of everything, find no interest in our world, lonely, don't believe in anyone, bullied, angry at everything, and as a result most of them take drugs or drink lots of alcohol, alienating them even more.

          If a good friend or a parent wants to help them out, or to minimize the suicidal risk, the most important thing is to UNDERSTAND your child. First listen to him, and then be OPEN to his new ideas. And that means that you may have to stop being the "All-knowing" stiff parent, or the cop-parent, who pressures the teenager even more. Try not to forget that we were all very bored of school's classes and homework, and having to spend half of our day with something that you don't like at all, naturally makes you angry. Teenage years though, have the potential to be the most "eye-opening" years of your life. But, if your parents don't believe in you, or if they only listen to themselves, they may darken your teenage years and may lead you to the misconception that our world "sucks big times," and there's no way out of it. Then, committing suicide doesn't sound that crazy... But, this is a misconception, due to teenagers lack of experience.

          And this is the key point I want to underline to depressed teenagers. Don't judge by what you experienced during only 15 years, and pretty much in the exact same "boxed environment," with the exact same police-rules. After high-school graduation sets off a completely new level, and when you used to hate everything around you, now you can be surrounded by people just like you, sharing similar interests. And trust me, there always are. An example for the above is a very talented artist, born in a small farmers village, where none can appreciate his talent and they make a joke out of his artistic efforts, making him depressed to the bone. Then he moves to the city, shows his artwork to the right eyes, and... BOOM! He's now an Artist, and as happy as can be, since his love, his hobby, can also be his means of survival. From depressed and suicidal, to being a happy & successful man. And dear parents, please don't be easily dissappointed by your children, believe in them, UNDERSTAND THEM, and help them to spread their wings, even if their dreams are far away from yours.

Salto Angelo in Venezuela.    Series Backstory: Surprisingly, two studies in the U.S. claim that: "There was a nearly 30% increase in suicides among kids 12 to 18 years old in the month following the release of the show." And that's really a lot and can't be easily ignored. That's why the Production of "13 Reasons Why" built a suicide prevention website with all kind of resources, worldwide: The only reason I can think of, is that maybe teens with similar to Hannah's issues "realized" through the show, that their issues may even lead to suicide, as Hannah did in the show. Even if Hannah had loving parents who loved her, and many friends who cared about her, even if they temporarly belittled her, plus she was very pretty -and that's VERY rare. Obviously, they're teens out there with much much worst problems, and the truth is that almost all of them moved on after high school. And that's the truth that troubled teens should listen to. Teens with much more traumatic lives got over it, to show you that you can do it to no matter the sh** you're now facing. There's ALWAYS a solution, even if "I've never been a 14 years old girl" as said in "The Virgin Suicides", an amazing & mesmerizing true-story film by Sofia Coppola, with a similar subject. If you're reading this and you can't find your solution no matter what, feel free to email me at contact(at) and we can try to find it together. Life has the potential to be too f** amazing to kill yourself.

          Furthermore, the Suicide Prevention Resource Center offers very valuable resources to help parents to talk about the "13 Reasons Why" TV series and suicide risk and prevention to their teenage children.


"13 reasons why" official website



13 reasons



Click to watch LIFE SOMEHOW BRINGS IT UP and, in order to impress, you tell so many lies and half-truths about yourself, that, at some point, you realize that you’re not open to anybody. This means that you spend your whole life inside your mind, and, even if you have friends and family, you go through major dramas inside of you, all alone. First of all, we should clarify that the best way to move forward and get over all the cosmic challenges is to share them with your most loved persons. But you can’t just tell someone “Open-up” as if he was waiting for your whistle, and then he is transformed into the “master of sociability.” The goal is to lighten their extra weight. 

   If you can’t find friends/family to open-up to, then a good start to understanding yourself is to start writing down your experiences and thoughts as you grow up, and then re-read them when older in order to witness if you’ve learnt your lessons or not.

   It’s not that by “burying” them they won’t reappear in front of your face. Sooner or later, you realize that, at some point, you must confront them, or they'll keep on “eating you alive.” To be brief, they’re your issues and only you can solve them. By reading your logic and the facts you described, it’s very possible to find the famous “reason why,” or, at the very least, you will have already let off a lot of steam. Be certain that the future you will return to read them, in case you’re repeating the same mistakes, and that, practically, it adds much more usefulness to your experiences.

   Some also unravel their talent as a writer according to biographies, but many more amateur writers have it as a vehicle to communicate without fearing their own thoughts, in order to get to know themselves. It was suggested by the TV series “VAMPIRE DIARIES”, but was forgotten after the first episodes and lost the chance to say something useful to its millions of teenager viewers. Diaries are also a good idea, but the above refers to writing down all that troubles you, or stresses you, or makes you shine, or weighs you down at night, which, for your own reasons, you don’t want to share with anyone. Seeing them written down, you understand that they’re not as terrible and scary as when they were enlarged inside your mind. The magic of self-treatment through the famous externalization of our issues. [Much more in the Novel]

   Also, you’ll then, probably, realize that your issues aren’t yours alone and many are experiencing the exact same issues, and the best way to gain experience on solving them is by being open, and listen to other people’s solutions in the same problem.

   To conclude, young “Filippo,” if something tyrannizes you, put it down on paper and it’s much more possible to make sense of issues that until then you had regarded as never-to-be-solved. The more honest you are with yourself and the more open, the better the results. The first step is to recognize the problem, then you write it down and, by reading it and sharing it, you do the best you can, and finally chill out, because you can’t do more than the best you can. :)



the top teen GANGS/coming of age films & tv

       Movies & TV Series about Teenagers and their Coming of Age is one of my many hobbies since I was a teenager. That famous "Age of 17," the high-school graduation year, where you enter into the Real World Realm, in your own terms, or not. Teen Rebellion against the mess previous generations inherited them, Teen Angst when one can't find an exit out of this "low-morale" adult world, and most importantly a year where you're as perceptive as ever about what is life in general. Because, at 17, you're standing in the middle of these two worlds, and you can clearly spot the differences and all the things that "suck" in the jungle of "real life."

     A jungle created by ex-teens who conformed even to something they detest. But, many "Peter Pan's" choose never to grow up, and they remain teenagers for life. The funniest story is that, even if the whole world is dictating you to conform to this social monster in order to succeed in life, this narrow-minded zone of: "be realistic"; those that make it big times are mostly: "Eternal teenagers who never grew up to become cold-blooded adults." These are the world famous authors who mesmerize us with their sensibilities and perception, the world famous singers and bands, the world famous artists in all mediums, and even the entrepreneurs. The uncomfortable truth about all who conformed, "the realists", is that they're the 9 to 5 office employees who despise their jobs, praying for Friday to finally arrive. Meaning that conforming is NOT a necessity. It's a choice. And before you take this boring and uninspiring route, you should know where it leads to.

     This list of the Top 51 Films & TV Series about teenagers during their coming of age offer choices, entertainment and very clear point of views. I grew up with them, and did become a combo of all of them. Beauty, adventures, new solutions, a change to our perspective, and finally this New friendly World that all we dreamers hope for. The list with my order of preference is in imdb, and one can find it here:


How to Find Answers about Everything?
(2013 & 2019) [6 min. dreamy & inspirational philosophical tHriller]

, and edited 20 secs on 2019

 The first step is Observing. Then, in order to get great answers, first you need to ask great questions. Is there Truth to be found? Watch what happens when someone does ask the right questions, and how far that takes him, in this Philosophical Dreamy Thriller, filmed in the visually stunning "Mordor like" medieval hilltop monasteries of Meteora/Greece from the 11th century, and inside the 2,500 years old Delphi Temple, where the Oracle shares her wise Message to Mankind. Are we ready for Mankind's Next Step? How to solve most of your problems? Where can one find the Road to Enlightenment? How to find answers about everything?

  The conclusion of this short dream-like film is a "Message to Mankind," given to me, right after my spiritual transportation to the middle of the Cosmos, observing it from a distance; as a result from Decoding the Mona Lisa and her unprecedented deriving knowledge. More information about my historical fiction novel "The Revelation of Mona Li-Sa", which, at last, decodes the Mona Lisa, can be found here: There, one may also read the Decoding of the Mona Lisa for free, or one may view the decoding video here: I hope u'll enjoy it! :)

  Directed/Written/Filmed/Edited by: Filippos Marinakis (Φίλιππος Μαρινάκης)

FilMark Productions YouTube ChannelO.S.T.: "Lord of the Rings prologue theme," by Howard Shore. Filmed with a Mark II around the amazing monasteries in Meteora and the holy temple in Delphi, in wondrous Greece. Originally uploaded on 2013, and edited 20 secs on 2019.



-19 NEW

“At last, the Mona Lisa is Decoded! Behind her hides the new Natural Law that: “We all are two completely different people in one body.” Our scientific facts have just been changed.”

"The Revelation of Mona Lisa", by Filippos Marinakis MFAABOUT THE HISTORICAL REVELATION & ACTUAL DECODING OF MONA LISA's "SECRET OF SECRETS," with 19 self-evident proofs; writen as a story,
with Da Vinci being one of the principal characters, based on Da Vinci's masterpieces and drawings, on all the historical evidences we have about Da Vinci's personal life, and on 4,500 Da Vinci manuscripts.

Click to watch          This is the first time that we actually decode the Mona Lisa! Behind her was hiding a very radical new Anatomical Natural Law proving that: "We all are two completely different people united into one, seeking for their balance.”This may start a domino effect for our sciences, and especially on anatomy, art, psychology, genetics, biology and even A.I.

          Right below is the very surprising and free Video of the historical Revelation & Decoding of Mona Lisa, with 18 New and beyond any doubt proofs and English CC. After the Video is the Text Version of Mona Lisa's Decoding.

          If you like the decoding, please share the news with your friends, and if you're a student, please share the decoding with your professors. Contact Filippos at: contact(at)filippos(dot)com for any comments or partnerships or ideas in order to make this self-proven Decoding of the Mona Lisa Official, etc. [It's not a coincidence that Google, YouTube, Amazon, Bing and SoGou rank this website and its video at their top 3 results when one searches for "Mona Lisa Decoding" or "Mona Lisa Decoded".]




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