This Sky is NOT my Sky!

This Sky is NOT my Sky! [8 min] [2020]

Film Poetry Confession of a Wise Boy From Another Planet [2020, 8 min].


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The curious case study of myself, staying young for more than half a century already. No special products needed, it's all in our head! The younger one is, the more I can prelong hers or his youth. Beauty from now on, is a choice!

Filippos age 50  AND SO IT'S VERY WELL KNOWN that mankind has been searching for the secret of Eternal Youth since ever. Men, women, politicians, the rich and the poor, all seek for the secret of Eternal Youth. How to stay young for as long as possible? Trillion of euros companies have crafted thousands of products to prolong our youth, and some of them do create miracles in hidding your wrinkles and your hurt by the time face and body. The catch is that they all cost a small fortune since you have to apply them all the time, plus, even worst, they last only for a few hours. Afterwards it's still the same old you. True story. Each product or surgery not only costs tons, but they all have temporary effects.

As I've wrote a hundred times already on my website, my decoding of the Mona Lisa opened a portal of unprecedented knowledge for almost all aspects of life. One of them is for sure the science of how to keep yourself young.

  What if I told you that gaining Eternal Youth or prolonging your actual youth is principly a state of mind? A mindset. That actually costs you zero money and oh my God it's the real deal. You don't hide your oldness, you're really still young even at your fifties! Your bone structure, your body, your skin, your inside out, your blood circulation, your endurance, your heart beat and your appetite for life is still naturally young. As if you're in your twenties you remain young for many many decades. Who said that youth is only temporary? Well, not anymore! And since a theory needs its facts, here is the visual study of my own personal growing to make your own conclusion whether I know what I'm talking about. Compare by yourself my aging with the average persons' aging.

  My personal favourite aging is at my thirties and at my late forties. When I reached 30 I still looked like a teenager, and at my late forties I grew onto as muscled as never before with only ten minutes weight lifting per day. In my eyes I see myself being a boy until my mid forties, and after 45 I grew into a man. A young man for sure. And hopefully for many more decades.

  Do you think that my obvious prolonged youth is a coincidence? That it's just my gene, or that I was so careful with my body and diet all this time? Well, not at all let me tell you. For one I survived a very intense night life and clubbing at any given opportunity, including all that comes with it to no restrain. And the further I went with personal care products is a moisteniser at my late forties. I wondered for many many years how I kept my young status for more than half a century now--besides playing sports since ever--and a few years ago my scientific studies concluded that it's all in our head.

Growing old is a disease. You sicken yourself and you grow old. It's you that causes your oldness, your wrinkes and your poor blood circulation. Eternal Youth is in our head! If you wanna remain young for more than half a century you must have the corresponding mindset.

Filippos age 50  And now you'd probably ask me, what's this corresponding mindset? Well... gee, I've already told you more than I should for no charge you know. Thousands of companies make gazzilion euros to make us look young and you're expecting me to give it away for free? I don't think so. The secret of Eternal Youth is one of mankind's major quests, oh boy it's worth must be totally priceless. Yeah. Priceless. You wanna know how to remain young for more then half a century? Contact me and make me an offer I can't resist. The younger one is, the more I can prelong hers or his youth. As I've wrote a hundred times already on my website, my decoding of the Mona Lisa opened a portal of unprecedented knowledge for almost all aspects of life. One of them is for sure the science of how to keep yourself young. The secret of Eternal Youth now available for the smarter ones. Beauty from now on, is a choice.



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Filippos Marinakis "the revelation of mona lisa: guide in wisdom"

Shop@Amazon "The Revelation of Mona Lisa: A Guide in Wisdom"  At last the Mona Lisa is Decoded! Opening the path for mankind of how to Evolve from a flat one-dimensional being onto a wise three dimensional cosmic being! Mona Lisa's face is actually split into two different half faces as clearly seen here. Li-onardo da Vinci and Sa-lai, his long time companion. Behind Mona Li-Sa Lionardo da Vinci hid the unknown till now newfound Natural Law that: “Just like Mona Lisa, we all are Three People Joined in One Body!" Ever wondered why Lionardo da Vinci was such a genius? Believe it or not, this is actually the SOLE way for evolving onto a wise cosmic being similar with Lionardo da Vinci and the wise cosmic beings all-around the Cosmos. Our scientific facts have just been changed. The actual Da Vinci Code at last Decoded! Mankind Next Evolutionary Step? The Age of Our Great Awakening? Where were you when we started evolving? Whoever comprehends the sayings of this abook will Evolve.

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  "The pure Nicolas da Florentia age 29 at Italy in the 1800's, from being a romantic thinker Awakens his Inner Spiritual Guide and evolves onto the higher realms of Spiritual Awakening and Wisdom, after discovering the long-lost secret manuscript of Lionardo da Vinci favourite student, accounting his initiation into cosmic wisdom by Da Vinci himself. Based on 4,500 Da Vinci manuscripts, Nikolas decodes the Mona Lisa for real, and meets several karmic wise men on his way in Wisdom. He passionately searches for his other-half, and actually discover it inside him. He completely awakens his Inner Spiritual Guide, unifies his Three Selves, and with thrice as much brain-power Evolves into a Wise Cosmic Being, opening his cosmic Third Eye. The first and sole Guide in Wisdom in the history of mankind. Make your own mind. Or remain one-dimensional forever."





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  At this point we all know that we all have two very different half faces. But what does it mean practically? Do U know that this newfound Natural Law actually leads into our Next Evolutionary Step as a Species? Jesus Christ wisely said: Love One Another. Science agrees! Learn Loving One Another and You Will Save Yourselves. According with science, here is why and how YOU can ALSO EVOLVE:

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THE LOGIC OF KARMA based on scienCE

Apr..23, 2023

If you wanna experience thrilling and super exciting lives you MUST play by the rules of karma. You either play by the rules of karma and enjoy the incredible gains, or you're punished by being tormented or bored to death. True story. Just look most over 40 and you'll see how bored to death they are. They didn't play by the rules of karma and lost.

Filippos April 2023       You cannot avoid your karma. You either play by its rules and enjoy the incredible gains, or you're punished by being tormented or bored to death. True story. Karma is not a joke or only a theory, it's reality. Hear the pioneer scientist. Karma is real and we carry our own destiny and purpose based on all our lives dependant on our actions and lessons learnt in all our past lives. What we experience in our present life is the after result of all our past lives. All that we learnt and all the lessons we still must learn to grow into happy and illuminated beings. The entire life system is a path towards wisdom and happiness. Towards illumination. I've read too many b/s explanations of karma, life purpose and enlightenment, what you read here is the Truth. What karma really is based on my scientific studies and personal observation. One should be very gratefull that I share this piece of extremely vital information on my website for free. Learn to appreciate and start paying back, or karma will punish you. Our era is a total mess, chaotic and a slow torture for most, coz those who should have rewarded wisdom like mine still keep their mouths shut. As a result them also live slow death lives.


That's how karma works. Karma gives you the divine chances, and you MUST do everything possible to overcome all obstacles and achieve your destiny. Your karma.

         The most common obstacle very few overcome are our surroundings and the society's musts. For some weird reason everyone wants to be different and special, but on the other hand everyone tries so hard to not stand out and be the same like everyone else. Weird huh? Most lower their head and experience lifes their surroundings or society's norms chose for them. Well you can imagine how well that goes in the long run. And if too many also live boring and uninspired lives they didn't choose, then, here you have a boring uninspired and flat society. No inspiration, nothing to interest you truly, brings anger, fighting and all that congestion we commonly experience in the 21st century.

Please try to comprehend the perfect logic of each and every argument of mine, as a scientist who shares his results. I never speak my opinion. I always speak what I know scientifically.

Filippos April 2023         Finding your purpose and your destiny or karma is the easiest thing in the world if you have your ears open. But the problem is that most hear what they don't wanna hear. Coz it's hard to get, it's not an easy path and basically it's out of your comfort zone. But that's exactly why karma is so exciting! Instead of living the same for the decades to come as planned, you find your path or meet a karmic friend, and if you follow your karmic path regardless of the obstacles, suddenly this world is a different world! A much more exciting world. A world you wanna learn and explore from the beggining. But you don't know it till you reach your karma. The path untill reaching your karma can be monumentally challenging. Might seem to you like a deadend, like impossible to achieve etc. etc.


But if it's your karma and you play by its rules then one magic day all your thoughts and actions connect in one and you pass the door of your karma. All effort pays off and at last you unearth the treasure you hid inside you. Trust me, all succesful people followed their inner guide and then found their place in the world. Their karma. Ask them.

If you decide to avoid you karma coz it's too hard, or too complicated, or too risky, then with zero risk you'll deservingly experience the zero life you chose for yourself. Just look most over 40 and you'll see how bored to death they are. They didn't play by the rules of karma and lost. If you wanna live an exciting life and an inspiring love life, you must play by the rules of karma. You must break your head to overcome all obstacles and reach your karma. Oh boy the rewards when you overcome the huge karmic obstacles! There you'll find the life you always dreamt. Filled with inspiration, with an incredible will to live all aspects of life, and gazillion ideas of how to apotheosis the gift of life. These are the ingredients of a happy life. These are the ingredients of a blessed life. Play with the rules of karma and trully you'll live an exciting blessed life. Even if the whole world is against you. In my upcoming new abook, karma and the process of life is explained as openly as possible and according with science for the first time ever in human history. The Truth.


Finding your purpose is not the end,
it's the beggining of actually living!