filippos marinakis decoded mona lisa secret code


·      American Film Institute (A.F.I.), Los Angeles                                          2002-2004
     Master of Fine Arts in Film Producing
(AFI is listed as the no1 film school.) 

·      Athens University of Economics and Business                                         1990-2000

Business Administration, specializing in Marketing

(equivalent to an MBA)


·       Athens College                                                                                 1980-1990

Greek American school and High School

· "The Revelation of Mona Li-sa"                                                             2012-2018

A historical fiction novel which decodes the Mona Lisa and the world,
based on 4,500 Da Vinci manuscripts.

· Venezuela- A photo and experience Book                                                    2011

FILMOGRAPHY (selection)


·       Modern Family (TV series- comedy 2014) Script Editing for JK Productions

·       Meet the Royals (TV series- comedy 2011-3) Development Executive for mega

·       Don’t pay the Ferryman (TV series-animation-2011) Development Executive mega

·       Family Hurts (TV series-comedy-2010) Development Executive for mega

·       Sweetheart Lakis (TV series-comedy-2009-2010) Development Executive for mega

·       All in the Air (TV series-romance-2009) Development Executive for mega

·       Ugly Maria (TV series dramedy-2nd season 2008) Development Executive for mega

·       31st Street (TV series- drama-2007) Development Executive for mega

·       Bondage (2006) Producer’s Assistant. Feature. Los Angeles

·       Another Gay Movie (2005) Producer’s Assistant. Feature. Los Angeles

·       Keeper of the past (2004) Producer. Short film. Los Angeles

·       A perfect day for bananafish (2004) Producer. Short film. Los Angeles

·       Meant to be (2004) Producer. Short film. Los Angeles

·       Blue Ribbon (2003) Producer. Short film. Los Angeles



Karagiannis JK Productions                                                                    2014

Script Editor


§  Mega Channel                                                                            2006- 2014

Original TV series Consultant / Development Executive

Analyzing, evaluating and managing original TV series or proposals for mega TV. Creative project management for each of the TV series I was responsible for. Artistic doctoring for all creative aspects of each show and responsible for all media related, as on air promotion, printing media, social media, internet etc.


§  Ιthaka Entertainment (Los Angeles)                                                    2004-2006

Evaluating feature scripts for Ithaka, first look production deal with LionsGate.


§  Funny Boy Films (Los Angeles)                                                            2005

Evaluating feature scripts          


Multicultural Motion Picture Association- Los Angeles                     2004

From 1200 candidates, the only available U.S. scholarship for foreign

filmmaking students is given to 12 students each year.


·        Special Jury Award from WordFest Houston                                          2005

Keeper of the Past” (short)
Produced by Filippos Marinakis, FilMark Productions.

Starring: Adam Rodriguez (Miami C.S.I.) and Steven Bauer (Scarface)


  •     FILMARK PRODUCTIONS                                                                2011-now

    Directing, writing, producing, editing several teen pop videos for

    YouTube and MouTube, of about 900.000 views, under Filmart Productions.

    All shorts we did are about a poetic boy daydreaming or moondreaming in an

    effort to cope within our vile epoch.For example:

    "Into the Night, Athens 2012": (English subs):
     Idea/ Directing /Filming/ Producing.

    "They took my cellphone!": 

    Playlist with our shorts:

    Playlist with 6 dreamscape trippy shorts in exotic countries.


    ·                                                                                       2014

    Concept/producing of an internet platform for mega channel with mostly

    already established teenagers youtubers.


    ·                                                         Since 1998

    Owner, producer, designer and programmer.


MANAGEMENT (selection)
  •   Comsys Information Technology                                            2000-2001

        Brand Manager

    ·       Lannet Telecommunications                                                                2000

    Telecommunications Consultant


    ·     Solid Advertising-Stavros Leousis                                           1998- 1999

    Account Executive


    ·     SAATCHI & SAATCHI- London, UK                                                       1998

    Account Trainee



· Military Police                                                                                    1995-1997

   Corporal Investigator.
   Serviced at Soufli and then at the security of the minister of defence.

  • Intelligent Problem solver, no problem is difficult enough, loves mental challenges, very "outside the box" thinker, very fast learner, easy to adapt, creative team leadership, project management, excellent at cross-examing various variables in order to reach into an accurate conclusion, a very broad knowledge base from history and business to art; and from science to religion, ready to learn even more.

  • His great loves are the magic of love in general, the solving of mysteries, philosophy, humor, history, travelling, aesthetics, sports, the free expression of honest people, and a balance in society.