filippos marinakis decoded mona lisa secret code


·      American Film Institute (A.F.I.), Los Angeles                                          2002-2004
     Master of Fine Arts in Film Producing
(AFI is listed as the no1 film school.) 

·      Athens University of Economics and Business                                         1990-2000

Business Administration, specializing in Marketing

(equivalent to an MBA)


·       Athens College                                                                                 1980-1990

Top Greek American school and High School
Starting lineup on the Football team (1980-1990)
Qualified in 7 Track & Field finals     (1989-1990)

· "The Revelation of Mona Li-sa" [Guide to Wisdom]                             2012-2018

A historical fiction novel which decodes the Mona Lisa and the world,
based on 4,500 Da Vinci manuscripts.

· Venezuela- A photo and experience Book                                                    2011

FILMOGRAPHY (selection)


·       Modern Family (TV series- comedy 2014) Script Editing for JK Productions

·       Meet the Royals (TV series- comedy 2011-3) Development Executive for mega

·       Don’t pay the Ferryman (TV series-animation-2011) Development Executive mega

·       Family Hurts (TV series-comedy-2010) Development Executive for mega

·       Sweetheart Lakis (TV series-comedy-2009-2010) Development Executive for mega

·       All in the Air (TV series-romance-2009) Development Executive for mega

·       Ugly Maria (TV series dramedy-2nd season 2008) Development Executive for mega

·       31st Street (TV series- drama-2007) Development Executive for mega

·       Bondage (2006) Producer’s Assistant. Feature. Los Angeles

·       Another Gay Movie (2005) Producer’s Assistant. Feature. Los Angeles

·       Keeper of the past (2004) Producer. Short film. Los Angeles

·       A perfect day for bananafish (2004) Producer. Short film. Los Angeles

·       Meant to be (2004) Producer. Short film. Los Angeles

·       Blue Ribbon (2003) Producer. Short film. Los Angeles



Karagiannis JK Productions                                                                    2014

Script Editor


§  Mega Channel                                                                            2006- 2014

Original TV series Consultant / Development Executive

Analyzing, evaluating and managing original TV series or proposals for mega TV. Creative project management for each of the TV series I was responsible for. Artistic doctoring for all creative aspects of each show and responsible for all media related, as on air promotion, printing media, social media, internet etc.


§  Ιthaka Entertainment (Los Angeles)                                                    2004-2006

Evaluating feature scripts for Ithaka, first look production deal with LionsGate.


§  Funny Boy Films (Los Angeles)                                                            2005

Evaluating feature scripts          


Multicultural Motion Picture Association- Los Angeles                     2004

From 1200 candidates, the only available U.S. scholarship for foreign

filmmaking students is given to 12 students each year.


·        Special Jury Award from WordFest Houston                                          2005

Keeper of the Past” (short)
Produced by Filippos Marinakis, FilMark Productions.

Starring: Adam Rodriguez (Miami C.S.I.) and Steven Bauer (Scarface)




·                                                             Since 1998

Owner, producer, designer and programmer.

  •     FILMARK PRODUCTIONS                                                                2011-now

    Directing, writing, producing, editing several teen pop videos for

    YouTube and MouTube, of about 900.000 views, under Filmart Productions.

    All shorts we did are about a poetic boy daydreaming or moondreaming in an

    effort to cope within our vile epoch.For example:

    "Into the Night, Athens 2012": (English subs):
     Idea/ Directing /Filming/ Producing.

    "They took my cellphone!": 

    Playlist with our shorts:

    Playlist with 6 dreamscape trippy shorts in exotic countries.


    ·                                                                                       2014

    Concept/producing of an internet platform for mega channel with mostly

    already established teenagers youtubers.


MANAGEMENT (selection)
  •   Comsys Information Technology                                            2000-2001

        Brand Manager

    ·       Lannet Telecommunications                                                                2000

    Telecommunications Consultant


    ·     Solid Advertising-Stavros Leousis                                           1998- 1999

    Account Executive


    ·     SAATCHI & SAATCHI- London, UK                                                       1998

    Account Trainee



Military Police                                                                                    1995-1997
   Corporal Investigator.
   Serviced at Soufli and then at the security of the Minister of Defence.

  • Intelligent Problem solver, no problem is a problem, loves mental challenges, very "outside the box" thinker, very fast learner, easy to adapt, creative team leadership, project management, excellent at cross-examing various variables in order to reach into an accurate conclusion, a very broad knowledge base from history and business to art; and from science to religion, ready to learn even more.

  • He has lived a very peculiar and unexpected life by travelling to more than 30 countries, in 4 continents; while he worked in two different continents. His great loves are the magic of love in general, the solving of mysteries, philosophy, humor, history, travelling, aesthetics, sports, the free expression of honest people, and a balance in society.