THE FIRST BOOK Text of the "FIRST BOOK" devised by Nagiko,translated into Japanese and written on Jerome's body. This book is the advertised agenda for the publisher, of the thirteen books to come.



 I want to describe the Body as a Book 
A Book as a Body.
And this Body and this Book
  Will be the first Volume  Of Thirteen Volumes.
The first bulk of the book is in the torso, Seat of the lungs That fan the wind that dries the ink. Seat of the heart That pumps the ink That is always red
Before it is black.
The heart and two lungs are held upright, Close, but not touching neighbours, Sheltered by the covers of the ribcage, Watermarked with dark twin punch-hole paper titles. The breath of inspiration runs amongst them Drawn down from the air by their shared influence.
Nape to Coccyx
No function of book or body is singular If a multiple service can be performed. So the inspirational air Shares the same passageway With salts, words, Sentences, Sweeteners,Paragraphs. They all come tumbling down to flutter onto the ruminating page, To lie in serried rows like rice-stalks In afield, or stitches in a tatami, Patiently awaiting irrigation By water or by vision Even if a reader does not appear for a thousand years.
The second bulk of the book is in the belly
Factory for the mixing of materials,
A taborato of sorting and threading,
Retaining and Remaindering,
A publishing house in continual flux,
Stamped with the indente chop of the navel, 
Seldom idle, Never still, Sharing space with preparations For thefuture with the irony of economy. Future and Past sharing the same thoroughfare. Book and body always showing their evolutionary history.
Penis and Scrotum 

I am the very necessary Coda The tail-piece,. the ever reproducin

Epilogue. The last dangling paragraph that is the reason for the next book's sprouting.