Text of the ''SIXTH BOOK'' written on Jerome's corpse which is subsequently made into the pillow book.Sections of this text are later tattooed onto Nagiko's body.


 This is a book and a body
that is so warm to the touch
My touch.

I have pressed this book to my eyes,
to my forehead, to my cheeks,
I have held this book open across my belly.
I have sat smiling on this book
until my flesh felt wedded to its covers.
I have sat laughing on this book until I have moistened
its covers with my body.
I have wrapt this book around my legs.
I have knelt on this book until my knees bled.

This book and I have become indivisible.
I have placed my feet on this book's last pages,
confident of standing so much higher in the world
than I ever stood before.
May I keep this book forever.
May this book and this body outlast my love.
May this body and this book love me as I love its
length, its breadth, its thickness, its text,
its skin, its letters, its punctuation, its quiet
and its noisy pages.
 Its tickling delights.
Book, body -I love you
it breathes gently in its first page.

It breathes deeper as the pages turn.

When the rhythm of reading is ensured, the words gain a roaring speed and the pages race.
I have raced with these pages.

At its ending there is a sigh and the book is closed in contentment.

The reader willingly begins again.
Body and book are open.
Face and page.
Body and page.
Blood and ink. 
Finger ends, ferruled edging.

The surface of each page's edge is so smooth.
The watermarks are like flushed veins.
The pages are so harmonious in their proportion

Disharmony in the contents is impossible.