The Dream of Brazil πŸ”†

Yeah, yeah I know... We’re under a killer pandemic, we should all hide inside our homes, don’t you dare to move, be afraid, stay away from each other and all this crappy crap of our era. Well, not necessary. It’s still up to us, we still have a choice. Enjoy life at all circumstances! This is about travelling at Rio de Janeiro on Sep. 2021 during the pandemic.

Β© Filippos Marinakis.

  WHAT IS BRAZIL? Terrry Gilliam's "Brazil" is my favorite film of all time since I first admired it 30 years ago. Who'd ever imagine that thirty years later I'd visit Brazil for the very first time and totally fell inlove with Brazil!

I mean, I've NEVER felt so home, even if I've already travelled in more than 40 countries in four continents.

What is Brazil? Brazil is our dream world. The place where we transfer when we close our eyes. Our ideal world. Where we wanna belong in our near future. When we make our dreams, our reality. Oh boy the Dreams I have about my near future!... Well, here's is their visualization.

Out of the 20 short films I've made, this is my favorite of them all. A dream come true. Definitely watch the photo gallyer and the film's ending!... Well, enough said. Enjoy the dream!

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