This Sky is NOT my Sky!

This Sky is NOT my Sky! [8 min] [2020]

Film Poetry Confession of a Wise Boy From Another Planet [2020, 8 min].




Please, No More Mythstory!

   So, I heard this rumour, that many people wonder how may one tell which part of the “recorded history” is actual, and which is silly propaganda. The answer is very-very simple. In one sentence:

All discoveries, inventions and epochs, ALWAYS happen from the genius of ONE MAN who lived during this epoch; the rest “recorded history” is mythstory. Plagiarists. Each epoch is the result of one genious man, all the rest are mythstory. Many parrots together do NOT create one genius. Our Era future historians will name it: "The Age Of Deception." Mark my words.

Lionardo da Vinci from his own hand in the John the Baptist painting  In our nowadays Age of Deception, there's this false impression circulating that many scientists gather together and with their combined group knowledge they make new discoveries. For example they even claim that the Bible and all discoveries in our Era are the result of a group effort. Well, not at all. Many parrots together do not grow into one genius who discovers what we knew not. Many parrots, that is scientists who repeat like parrots what others discovered, are only parrots. Many parrots together create even more parrots, nothing more. Now that we've cleared this up for good, we may continue.

  Yeah! All of our knowledge comes from individual geniuses who flew beyond their era, and created a New Era! For example, the Renaissance [or Regenesis in Greek] was NOT Italian nor European. It was ALL from Lionardo-Leonardo Da Vinci. Everything that was invented, or was new during this period, originated exclusively from Lionardo-Leonardo Da Vinci. That's what I realized after decoding the Mona Li-Sa and studying 4,500 manuscripts of Lionardo Da Vinci. Lionardo invented centuries ahead of his times many pillars of what we call today "Modern Times", like the Airplanes, parachutes, helicopters, bicycles, submarines etc etc. Every other name that’s written as part of the Regenesis of our civilization after the one thousand years of the European Middle Ages are fairy tales. Mythstory. Lionardo's plagiarists. Welcome to reality! Lionardo-Leonardo invented, all the rest followed him. And this pattern occurs through-out our History to our days in ALL our Eras. That’s real history, the death of mythstory. And now you also know how to distinguish actual history from mythstory.

"Each epoch is the result of one genious man, all the rest are mythstory."

[Da Vinci's "St Baptist" painting shown here, exposes how good looking Lionardo da Vinci really was. Another false myth about attractive people being not intelligent, just died. Beautyfool NOT.]

  Another indisputable example occurs during our times, just to make everything even clearer. Ever wondered who is this Lionardo-like genius man who gave birth in the f... amazing U.S. technology revolution after 1920, the so called "Roaring Twenties?" I mean, since then, mankind has seen non-precedent technological advancement.This period first witnessed the large-scale development and use of automobiles, planes, telephones, films, radio, rockets, cement, and the incredible electrical appliances in the lives of millions in the Western world. Also dance music and clubs were first introduced, an unheard of medicines revolution and even the breakout for sport games all around the globe! Can you imagine our lives today, 100 years later, without these incredible discoveries which ALL happened in the 1920's in the U.S.? Then, who is this genius man of our age who went to the far and beyond for offering us what mankind didn't know for 300,000 years?

Filippos Marinakis  It's also since then that the mythstorians started preaching that discoveries happen by group effort. Until then everyone knew that pioneering discoveries happen exclusively from pioneers. Obviously. Coz, many parrots together cannot create one genius pioneer. As simple as that. Since then for example, the Old Testament which was called for more than two thousand years "Moses Book", suddenly became a mystery of who the writer was. And now mythstorians claim than it was probably a group effort. What a lie. Do you start getting what I'm saying? Who is the Lionardo Da Vinci of our times who CREATED the world we call today Modern?

Watch the 7 mins Video of Mona Lisa Decoded
  History teaches us beyond any doubt that all which happened since the 1920's in the U.S., also happened thanks in the genius of ONE ORIGINAL MAN, amongst copycats. Plus, from his inheritance. Whome is this ONE MAN, I’m wondering?

   And do NOT consider this man been Tesla. He admited that he saw "his" discoveries in a dream! And no, none becomes wise in his sleep. So, where these schematics Tesla claimed as his own, came from? Huh? I mean, never before in our history discoveries like Tesla's and Einstein's came without any kind of newfound knowledge about Nature's Workings. I'm sorry if you're a fan of them, but both of them are mythstory. Plagiarists. Taken from who though? How weird that Tesla's schematics appeared out of nothing? Where did they find them? Even more, Doctor Who for example, who brought the medical revolution after 1920? Hallucination drugs who? Car inventor who? Planes inventor who? etc. etc. How come in all our History we had these kind of answers, but now we don't?

  This also means that many once-was-famous people of our "modern age" are mythstory. Fake. Hoaxes. B/S Einstein, B/S Tesla, B/S Wright brothers, B/S Sexspear, B/S Lumiére brothers, B/S Eddison etc. etc. etc. The list is endless. Makes you wonder who actually brough Modern in our Era...?

   Everything here are my personal scientific opinion. A window into the Truth. Thank you in advance, if you find them kind and/or peesfool.








Whoever comprehends the sayings of this video will start Evolving. Learn Loving One Another.


  At this point we all know that we all have two very different half faces. But what does it mean practically? Do U know that this newfound Natural Law actually leads into our Next Evolutionary Step as a Species? Jesus Christ wisely said: Love One Another. Science agrees! Learn Loving One Another and You Will Save Yourselves. According with science, here is why and how YOU can ALSO EVOLVE:

WATCH how to evolve scientifically?







Jesus Christ said: Love One Another. Science agrees! According with science, learn Loving One Another and You Will Save Yourselves, literally!

  INCREDIBLE NEWS! Who would believe that what Jesus said to his disciples about "Loving One Another", the core of Christianity's teaching, would prove being very very scientific and the sole way to save yourselves even according with modern science? The breaking news are really mindblowing: According with all sciences, if we learn Loving One Another We Will Save Ourselves, literally! Briefly: We all are two different people joined in one body for life. Anyone can prove the above newfound Natural Law by himself by comparing his own different half faces. Jesus Christ said: Love One Another and according with the new evolutionary facts after Mona Lisa's Decoding, science agrees! According with modern science, learn Loving One Another and You Will Save Yourselves, literally!!


WATCH HOW TO evolve scientifically?





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I've heard about plagiarists copy infringement before, but I've never heard before of someone stealing your OWN DREAM!



                THE STORY STARTS WITH THE SHOCK of seeing one my most important dreams ever, as a braindead Groot TV episode from Marvel Studios! This is no joke. We're talking that I had this exact dream 18 years ago and is also a part of my upcoming book! The last thing I'd want is going against the multibillion dollars corporation of Marvel, run by plenty billionaires. But, I had no choice. I have to protect my literary rights, and I obviously reserve all my legal rights for prosecuting Marvel. They not only illegally copied MY DREAM, but they also added plenty of photographic elements of my personal life and of my upcoming book! I had the laugh of my life when I read the writer's interview claiming that the Groot series she "wrote" was more or less based on her 3 years old son. Therefore I wrote this on her "Groot" Instagram post:

                "Those Groot shorts you say are inspired mostly by your 3 years old kid, huh? So ur 3 years old kid does Jacuzzi, speaks perfect Latin (Opus Magnum), is intrigued by the alchemists of the medieval times and their quest for the Philosopher’s Stone, plus he is in a pot overlooking outside the window and discovering the unknown world (which is the exact dream I saw 18 years ago and part of my soon to be published book), while he’s a Resident Alien?... 

             This post is for securing my literary rights for my unpublished yet book (written in 2019), all the above are part of my book and life story, and u should also know for a fact that GOD is watching all that and does NOT like what he sees. Neither does Grut. Now that u know that this is an interactive relationship perhaps you guys will stick to your own stories. I cannot describe the shock of watching my own dream as a Marvel short... Grut will win at the end, you’ll see! Truth will win. As Lionardo da Vinci said, when lies come into the light, they simply vaporize as if they never existed. God bless the Truth :)"

          Moreover this dream of mine they plagiarised, is an extremely revealing dream about mankind's nature. Not a joke! Some people must learn NOT to play with forces they don't get. Trully, that Groot TV Series copy infringement is totally SHAMELESS. The "Opus Magnum" now, is the sole latin code of my next book and it's about alchemists from the medieval times on their quest for the Philosopher's Stone. It's also the title of an episode of this Marvel baby-Groot TV series! What the f... does babyGroot has to do with alchemists of the medieval times? Huh? One should now start wondering how insanely greedy this Marvel multibillion corporation really is. They're so filthy insanely rich already, but that ain't enough. By stealing my dream and facts from my upcoming abook and life they obviously want to intimidate me and scare the shit out of me, by shamelessly declaring that they already have a copy of my unpublished abook and can release my original unpublished historical researches anytime they feel like! Well, I AM NOT AFRAID! I've already spotted several other Hollywood brain-drain attempts towards brainwashing you guys against the themes of my upcoming incredibly revealing abook.

              But, as Lionardo da Vinci said, when the Truth comes out, then all their propaganda lies will vanish as if they never existed. All that would be left is a Wall of Shame for all who tried to brainwash us. What Marvel did by even stealing my own dream is so bad, that for sure, the unseen forces of our Cosmos will make them pay for it. Mark my words. I'm NOT Alone. YOU are not Alone. WE are not Alone! Boycott shamelessly greedy Marvel!

Wise alien boy film: "this sky is not my sky!"






[ReNew 24-7-2022]


                THERE'S SO MUCH INFORMATION about the Pandemic that we missed the Big Picture. The Big Picture is that the killer corona pandemic has ended since January 2022. Then, the Omicron variant replaced the killer Delta variant. Their life changing difference is that Omicron doesn't infect the lungs, it infects your throat. And the 99% of the deaths from corona were related with infections in the lungs. That's why the deaths decreased to the bare minimum, as you can see from this chart. It's estimated that nowadays the corona virus is 50-100 times less lethal than the Delta variant, or simply put around 90% less lethal for the general population. [4] [5] [6]

        Did the vaccines help? Let me tell you that during the Delta variant the vaccination saved the lives of thousands 60+ vulnarable people, for sure. But now, the vaccination is useful for preconditioned 60+ people ONLY. Goverments shouldn't waste our public money on vaccines anymore. This scientific article is one more example that you shouldn't pick a side and be fanatic about it no matter what. Retain your objectivity no matter what. Don't pick sides fanaticaly. Love the truth and quest for the truth no matter what. Don't let people scare you off with misinformation and false impressions aimed to terrorize you, search for the truth and save yourself. The conclusion is that Nature decided to stop the killer pandemic and sent the Omicron variant which ended the killer pandemic. Let me wish that from now on we learnt our lesson and stop fu*king with Nature. Protect Nature, love Nature, and Nature will protect you. Go against Nature, disregard Nature and Nature will kill you. Love Nature!


will the daring baloon cross the busy street???

The Decoding of our Era in 50 seconds. Five Years BEFORE the "American Beauty" (1999) IDENTICAL Plastic Bag scene which won them the Oscar for Best Picture 2000!


  ZURICH 1994. During our Interail around Europe Filippos age 21 spots with his Panasonic Videocamera this incredibly Daring Balloon! The street was quite busy but this couldn't stop this courageous blue balloon from crossing it! Did it succeed? Did it receive any help from the passing cars? I remember watching the balloon's daring in full agony and couldn't believe that I was so blessed for filming its amazing crusade! I must have held my breath for the entire minute. It really looks as if this Balloon is a person! Hope u love it also :) Furthermore, it's the decoding of our Era in 50 seconds.

  "AMERICAN BEAUTY" [1999]. Five years after my Daring Balloon Scene I went to the movies and saw "American Beauty" and was shocked when I saw the IDENTICAL 3 mins Plastic Bag Scene. My friends were also shocked. Watch their copy-paste scene for yourself. We're talking about the identical idea AND the identical filming! This cannot be a coincidence. We're talking about a copy-paste scene!... Even worst I got so angry from all the boasting from the American Beauty character, describing us how come "he the sensitive soul" filmed the wind blowing this plastic bag. And even daring to claim that "This is the most beautiful thing HE ever filmed!" Plagiarism at a whole another level. Which won them the 2000 Oscar's Best Picture Award, and was actually the basis of this boy's character in American Beauty. I kept it secret for 28 years, well not anymore. :) Even funnier at the end of the movie Kevin Spacey says while we're watching the plastic bag: "My heart fills up like a BALLOON! You have no idea what I'm talking about, I'm sure. But don't worry. You will someday."

Filippos ©1994. I reserve my legal rights for pressing charges.






How come we don’t we have many more videos and pictures of Alien Visitations, now that we all carry high quality cameras with us?

Engraved in 691 AD, on the sarcophagus of the Mayan King Pakal.

  IF YOU THINK ABOUT IT this is the most logical. If the Alien Visitors wanted publicity, oh boy how easy would that be. But they obviously don’t. And since we all carry high quality cameras, they’re much more careful. Obviously. Plus, along with the smartphones age, came the satellites age. Meaning that since we have more than five thousand satellites feeding live image from all Earth, if they want to observe us by first-hand experience, all they need to do is intercept our thousands satellites and they can freely observe whatever they want on Earth at any given time. As we advance, so does their approach. What’s for sure is that the Alien Visitors don’t wanna hit the news as of yet. We should not think of them as lifeless meteorites or comets which happen to pass from Earth, and now that we have so many cameras we'll for sure catch them red-handed. They're obviously not deaf, dumb and blind. If they wanna make themselves visible, oh boy how easy that is. But they choose running on full throtle when visible from humans, or dissappearing in an instant etc etc. They obviously avoid publicity.

  MOST OF US are still wondering if Outerspace Civilizations have already visited Earth, even if there are thousands of reliable testimonials, plenty of pictures, and even some undeniable proofs from historical relics as the one presented here. This Spacecraft Design with valves and everything else we call modern since the 20th century, was actually engraved in 691 AD, on the sarcophagus of the Mayan King Pakal. It's authenticity cannot be questioned, and this cannot come from their imagination. That's for sure. As a Historian, this is what I call proof for Alien Visitations.

  But then again, don't we all prefer totally hardcore proofs for being 100% certain that Outerspace Civilizations are visiting us? Like for example when they decide to visit us officially, or, if they hand us any object which proves their incredible tech, or if they just stand there so we can take hundreds of pictures and videos, from many-many people who aren't affiliated with each other. You see where this is going, right? That can only happen if the Alien Visitors decide to become known to us. The question ain’t whether we’ve been watched by outer space civilizations and whether they’re more advanced than us. That’s certain after the thousands reliable testimonies about UFO’s with incredible technology, not existent on Earth. The question is what the Alien Visitors think of us now that they’re watching us closely from our satellites?

  How would YOU treat us if you saw us from above, and had all the power to do whatever you want with us? You know the answer. Is this then a good enough motive for creating the soonest possible, a fair-for-all humans society regardless the country of your origins, which actually deserves respect? Logically, the beasts are treated like beasts, the war species are treated with war, and the civilized are treated civilized.

  Food for thought :)
  Give Humans A Chance.


Film Poetry Confession of
A Wise Boy From Another PlanetWatch "My Sky is NOT my Sky"?





Renew 27-1-2021

Watch Film!   Coz God+Nature+? hasn’t destroy+heal this sickness in the last 80 years, does that mean that they'll never get punished? Haven’t they read even at their mythstory, about extinction event's, which ALREADY happened? Haven’t they read about the “7 plagues of the Faraoe”?? Haven’t they read about the cataclysm, recorded in the History of so many parts of the globe?? The violent death of Minoan civlization from one volcanic erruption? The violent death of the Greek-Roman civilization from one plague? The violent bottleneck of mankind after the erruption of one volcano, which resulted at only 10,000 humans all around the globe? Did they too, so easily forget the poverty, misery of the Dark Ages; which held them slaves to all for 1,000 years?? I mean, the European Dark Ages would possifle never change, if Lionardo-Leonardo Δa Vinci wasn’t born! We would still be in the Dark Ages! Also, it was done only 500 years ago! What more do we have to know, in order to cut out this self-destructing mentality of terramen of our times??? God+Nature+?, sees us all! I mean, if you believe that "that's how life is", then, honestly, why are you so evil and bring more children into this slavery? Food for thought.

Watch Film!   Furthermore, if dead people would be able to tell us, how much they suffer in the Afterlife! I’m talking about ALL these OLD chaps, morons, richfatidiots; who think that because they got away from pure punishment in this life; they were correct that God+Nature+?, doesn’t exist, and there won’t be A fair punishment?! What a JOKE! Oh Boy! If you could also hear their, perhaps, eternal scream's! But, it’s not a coincidence that we cannot hear their Afterlife experiences. It’ll always be a choice, while we’re in flesh. That's the Truth. A choice. The Pandemic's, though, is already here to stay, for a whole year already.

  Is this First Pandemic, God+Nature's answer to mankind manking being extremely dangerous for the whole planet?

[This Eye Of The Tiger foto is NOT an image manipulation! It's my actual eye, caught on camera, with uh... a tiger inside it! . Click on it for seeing it larger.] ARTICLE PERMANENT LINK HERE:





‒22-2-2021‒ [Rerun 13-3-2021]

     YEAP! Actually, they’re NOT XX or XY as one may easily prove on his own in this picture which shows how the male and female chromosomes really are, under microscope.  

  Chromosomes in Microscope        Clearly there’s NO X anywhere in our chromosomes. More of a combination of chromosome couples which kinda look like: ١ and . Like an “I” either leaning to the left, or to the right. That certainly rings a few bells out there, doesn’t it? This is not me speaking, this is how nature is. Why then our chromosomes are labelled as XX and XY?

        The XX and XY are scientist's over-simplification, man drawn diagram of a replicated chromosome, and far from reality as one may clearly see in this microscope image. Even more importantly, not only they aren’t XX, but, they’re actually very different with one another regardless of our sex! Our chromosomes are all unique. That’s why we’re all unique. To the right is the exact moment in my complete presentation of my decoding of Mona Lisa where I explain all these as plainly as possible:

        This XX, XY wrong symbols, obviously create a false impression, and it's based on our false belief till now, that we're symmetrical and accordingly, even our coupled cells are clones of the same thing.

         But they are not as one may easily see with his naked eye. This picture shows that our cells under microscope, clearly are NOT clones of one another, as today science states (!)

         After my discovery that we all are asymmetrical, anatomically two very different bodies in one, from beginning to end, these XX XY symbols should change coz they're wrong and they create a false impression, of all of us being almost the same. A more reality based symbolism of our chromosomes, may are something in the likes of:

         Female Chromosomes: Ik [displaying that they're always different] and Male Chromosomes: Ic [always different, plus, the smaller in size "c" as the male chromosome coz actually looks like this, and it's actually always smaller in size than all other chromosomes, even if males are physically stronger than females.] This male "c" chromosome lacks in size but it sure is pretty strong. :) This fact should also ring us some bells.

         Size not that important. What’s inside is that counts. Our own chromosomes are just the perfect proof.
         We’re all unique!





Renew 22-09-2022  2B OR NOT 2B? All English speakers should agree that English can be a pretty vulgar language if not used with great caution. Actually the hard part in Eng-leash is avoiding misunderstandings. As if English were crafted to create misunderstandings amongst us? I mean: understanding the Miss is a misunderstanding? For reals? Be=B=Bee? Be a B bee? Sexspear realy said that the big question is "2B or not 2B"? Huh? I mean why would you corrupt such an important word as "be"? And the same with "to". Is "to" a 2? Full is fool? Beautiful is a beauty-fool? A full life is a fool life? Fulfilled is fool-filled? Realy? Whole=hole? A "wholesome" person is a "hole-sum" person? Or a hole-some person? Or a hole-Sam person? English really make no sense at all. Let me continue: Rights=right=write=rite=turn right? Huh? Citizens raits are rait, the rait is to rait from the rait and rait a rait if it's ALL rait? Translation: "Citizens rights are right, the right is to write from the right and write a rite if it's ALL right?" Huh??

   Peace=Piece? Injustice is in-justice? Inhuman is in-human? WTF??? No! No! No! In justice there's no unjustice, by definition. And no, humans are NOT unhuman by default. What kind of extremely wrong messages are these to all the English speakers? Same shame? Un-bear-able=A bear which is not able? Class=clash? Do you mean that all classrooms are clashrooms, by definition? How kind of you... Meaning=mean? The meaning is to be mean? Seriously? Greece=Grease and Turkey is a turkey? Huh? Seek=Sick? And a "Seeker"= she-care= sicker= sick-air= see-care= sea-care? Does this mean that if "she care" it's sicker? Or that if "she care" it's sick air? See=she=sea=C? Or when one demands Justice, he actually demands just-ice? Seriously? Do you mean like another Ice Age? I mean in English it's so hard finding a non-currupted word. Trust me English speakers who speak no other language, this nonsense happens ONLY in English.

  The english vocabulary makes no sense if you add it altogether. Creates missunderstandings by default 2 say the least, and in my humble opinion might even corrupt English speakers thinking. Explaining myself even more at this language you can, "swear 2 GOD"?? Or even worst you can "swear an oath 2 GOD"?? So vulgar. Even the word English by itself: Engleash, Englease, Engl-ish, Englice. But, where is the Engleece? Where is the English solution? How can one fix the English language altogether? Obviously, we all think in our mother tongue. If our mother tongue is like English which make no sense altogether, then your thinking will also make much less sense, altogether. English definitely need a new clean version. Thank you in advance, if you find me kind and/or peesfool. No beauty-fool here. Just beauty. ;)





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At last, the Mona Lisa is Decoded! Mona Lisa's face is actually spit into two different half faces as clearly seen here. Li-onardo da Vinci's and Sa-lai's, his long time companion. Behind Mona Li-Sa Da Vinci hid the unknown till now New Natural Law that: “Just like the Mona Lisa, we all are anatomically two completely different people in one body! And their combination is a third person. The decision maker. Thus, we're all THREE people in one body. All of us. Our purpose is unifying them.” Our scientific facts have just been changed.


          A Website Dedicated In The Groundbreaking Historical Fiction Novel: "The Revelation Of Mona Lisa", By Filippos Marinakis MFA about The Historical Revelation & Actual Decoding Of Mona Lisa's "Secret Of Secrets," With 19 Self-Evident Proofs; Writen As A Storywith Da Vinci being one of the principal characters, based on Da Vinci's masterpieces and drawings, on all the historical evidences we have about Da Vinci's personal life, and on 4,500 Da Vinci manuscripts.


          This is the first time that we actually decode the Mona Lisa! Behind her was hiding a very radical new Anatomical Natural Law proving that: "We all are two completely different people united into one, seeking for their balance.”This may start a domino effect for our sciences, and especially on anatomy, art, psychology, genetics, biology and even A.I Up is the very surprising and free Video of the historical Revelation & Decoding of Mona Lisa, with 18 New and beyond any doubt proofs and English CC. After the Video is the Text Version of Mona Lisa's Decoding.

          If you like the decoding, please share the news with your friends, and if you're a student, please share the decoding with your professors. Contact Filippos at: contact(at)filippos(dot)com for any comments or partnerships or ideas in order to make this self-proven Decoding of the Mona Lisa Official, etc. [It's not a coincidence that Google, YouTube, Amazon, Bing and SoGou rank this website and its video at their top 3 results when one searches for "Mona Lisa Decoding" or "Mona Lisa Decoded".]


*Third Edition 2021 Now Available! New Translation, New Chapters, Discounted Price. In Premium Colour Deluxe Illuminated Edition Available for the Very First Time!


©2018 All rights reserved. Share the news with the novel's website included, please.


Filippos Marinakis  The polymath author Filippos Marinakis currently living in Athens-Greece, for writting the historical fiction Abook studied 4,500 Lionardo da Vinci's manuscripts and around 20 sciences. He Decoded the Mona Lisa on February 2012, keeping it a secret for more than 6 years, until publishing it in the one of a kind historical fiction Abook: "The Revelation of Mona Li-sa: A Guide In Wisdom" Prior, he spent eight years as a Development Executive for Mega TV in Greece, for some of the most loved TV-Series. He has graduated from Athens College, the Athens University of Economics and Business, and from the prestigious A.F.I. in Los Angeles for his Master’s Degree in filmmaking. He enjoys a very peculiar and unexpected life by travelling to more than 30 countries, in 4 continents; while he worked in two different continents. His biggest loves are the magic of love, the solving of mysteries, philosophy, humour, history, travelling, aesthetics, photography, filmmaking, sports, future scenarios, reverse thinking, the free expression of honest people, and a balance in society. The list of the shows he was part of is here, and his Artistic Film+Videos here:

 For any kind of ideas, questions, comments, suggestions, business proposals etc: , or, message him via his Facebook ,or, Instagram, or leave a comment on the videos. Always open for the curious minds! :)

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15-8-2020 [[Renew 21-10-2020]]

Me+Peter Pan [ΠΑΝ] Refusing to Grow Old!   ΦNEW HISTORICAL AGE, ΦNEW LOOK! Uh… Apparently, Me+Peter Pan (Παν), one of my biggest heroes of all time, have a lot of common. Like Refusing to Grow Old + Being Boy’s. Who said that Dreaming cannot come True? Who would imagine that he would reach in his Twenties?

   I was equally shocked the first time I looked myself without facial hair, since 2010. Suddenly, I was looking in the mirror a Filippos in his Twenties! This was one of my happiest moments ever. (Please, stop hating me for this) A new chance for spending my youth as I am destined!

   Believe it or not, that's when I realized my unique long live Youth. Who would have imagined that the 100% of all the people I have ever met would hide the truth they already knew, about how young I look like? 100%! No exception, all chickened! Reality Check. The even lowest beings would call me "daddy". A few years later they are the old men, while I keep on being very young. A Boy! Boy= A Man Whom Are Not Old.




Watch Film "This Sky is NOT my Sky"?
[ReNew: 10-1-2021]


Watch Film "This Sky is NOT my Sky"?I promise I didn't change a word from the original script written 7 years before I truly realized that... UH... Hey! I am the true Peter Pan!... Like A Boy from Another Planet! :) The things I was telling myself about my very spacial origins are literally MINDBLOWING! I don't think that I could have told myself any clearer than this. I think that some people, including me, will start "screaming"! Hahaha :) A Boy From Another Planet confession. The answer about how different I feel in this sooooo one-dimensional world.Filippos Marinakis actual Eye of the Tiger. NOT an image manipulation.Also says plenty details about my “unknown origins”, and/or ours.
[This Eye Of The Tiger foto is NOT an image manipulation! It's my actual eye, caught on camera, with uh... a tiger inside it! . Click on it for seeing it larger.]

    I wrote+filmed this super artistic, poetic, thought provocative and, extremely revealing film in 2013, but haven't edited it up till now. When I reread its script in 2020 I was in complete shock!Explaining myself even deeper, this film besides telling a very revealing story about human's origins, its perspective and the visual part of all these images playing ensemble -but looking as one- are also exhibiting how One actually sees the world after unifying his three different selves. (As partially explained in my websiite and in my Mona Lisa Decoding film's) This film is also a glimpse of how one FEEL after awakening his Third Eye practically, as perfectly explained in my historical fiction book.

     I have also written two very original feature scripts, and I am looking for a Producer and Funding. A super crazy comedy and a coming of age feature film, both primarily for a young audience and pretty easy for producing. Both are written for a worldwide audience and I believe they may become a commercial+artistic hit. At this point I don’t even have to say that their filming would be a new era for filmmaking. I have all these images inside me which can't wait to get out!... Just picture me planning my filming and with an actual crew and actors!... Unique film's, like from Another Planet! :) Interested parties may find my contact info here:

     This is the Playlist with my Trilogy of Film's From Another Planet:Trilogy: Filippos Fiilm's From Another Planet

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The Fonts in the Film are my own handwriting
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Borders of Cambodia and Thailand.      SCROLL, OR CLICK ON the slide-show above, you'll jump into a similar gallery or Video, as the picture you clicked. Since I was a boy I loved trippinng around the globe with my camera in hand, always. Especially in our times, we're the first generation which can travel easily to anywhere in our planet. My trips started on a cruise going to Konstanoypolis, Kusadashi, and the most intriguing Cairo and Luxor in Egypt. There a street boy was dealng about selling souvenirs, and the funniest was that instead of lowering the price, he asked for more and more!

Salto Angelo in Venezuela.            Since then I've been wth my camera as my best friend all around Greece, from motherland Crete to Soufli on the borders with Turkey. Tripping continues with the Interail and travel around Europe, specifically Barcelona, London, Amsterdam, Paris, Nice. In later years I went 5 times to Thaliand, and also to Cambodia 3 years after they allowed tourists and yeah, in Pnom Pegn there were dozen of gigantic bats flying around us and yes cockroaches certainly claim to own this land. Romania and Transylania in order to see where Dracula lived. Also, did a road trip from Barcelona to Morocco, and a road trip on Route 66 from Los Angeles to Texas and oh boy talking about an adventure... Venezuela is also such a beautiful exotic place, which was my 1st foto travel e-book. This part of my site is all about images and not about words. May we share together our beautiful lands and throw the trashies. This is for the glory and perfection of Nature!


*The featured photo is from the borders of Cambodia and Thailand. I asked to take his picture and he asked in return to offer him a cigarette. Kindly notice the "friendly" posture of the locals in his background... The second photo is from Koh Chang in Thailand, and the third one is the longest waterfall on Earth, 1km long, the Salto Angelo in Venezuela.