The Amazon at Ecuador πŸ”†


Enjoy Life at all circumstances!

Yeah, yeah I know... We’re under a killer pandemic, we should all hide inside our homes, don’t you dare to move, be afraid, stay away from each other and all this crappy crap of our era. Well, not necessary. It’s still up to us, we still have a choice. This is about travelling at Ecuador on Sep. 2021 during the pandemic

Β© Filippos Marinakis.

And so, I’ve just returned after spending 21 days at the Andes, the ocean, the clubs and the jungles of Ecuador, lived with the indigenous for a quite perfecto week, and coz all of the above ain’t enough I also spent 5 days in dreamy Rio de Janeiro which completely enchanted me.

The original idea was to follow the Sun, and Ecuador is where the Sun reaches its nearest point to Earth. Watch the Dreamy Ecuador Short Film here, or view the photo gallery below.

Some journeys are just exactly on the spot. What you were looking for, you actually find it. These are the journeys where your dreams do come true. Never in my life had I had such a thrilling, on the edge journey. But I guess that's what happens when you spend weeks in the Amazon with an indigenous tribe. A different life.

Your own life outside the cage. There're no ownerships in the Amazon. If you're indigenous you can settle your own home wherever you want for free. The Amazon belongs at the indigenous. Thank God something is right in this world! Well, enough said. Enjoy the trip!

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The Amazon Gallery

Cosmic Eyes

One with the Cosmos

Cosmic Mind

One with Nature

The Deep Amazon

Road Trip

The view from the indigenous village

Photo Gallery ✨

Amazon Tribe Welcome Game

Road Trip

Overlooking Magical Andes

3km height ✨

Cosmic Mind

One with Nature

Indigenous Village

Our adorable hut ✨

The Amazon spot

Not so bad, huh? ✨